Do you have momentum?

Do you have momentum, you know momentum is with you when you are steadily making progress every day towards your goals and momentum is building.  When every day is getting better, you just tell yourself, damn, man every day is getting better.  Are you in momentum? If not get in momentum, even if I’m headed in the wrong direction I’m still moving, I could be lost, but I’m moving fast always. 

I just dropped $4,200 on a programmer for my web 2.0 project, I wasn’t satisfied so I’m going to program it myself, momentum is in the works and things are moving together quicker and quicker every day.  I hope they are for you. If you don’t feel like your making progress, you probably aren’t.  To get different results we have to do different things. 

How to gain momentum, momentum is gained with focus on a specific project.  gain some momentum, once the online money train starts, you will be surprised at the end result.  When we don’t have any momentum we aren’t focused enough to get anything done, and aren’t making any progress. 

I just decided to post this, because I’m in a state of momentum and every day just gets better. To gain serious momentum one must put in tremendous activity, or else you will find negative momentum, we don’t stand still. either going up, or going down, there is really no sideways.  Life is good when you gain momentum, gain some momentum.

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  • hey, i got momentum when i saw my adsense revenue increase…

    and my momentum slow down when my adsense revenue go down…

    how about it??

  • The adsense is definitely not building momentum! Mine isn’t either, or it is gaining negative momentum it has been steadily going down for the past year now.

    Although with massive activity you can quickly turn it around if you focus on building it up even higher.