Week 1 Progress

While I’am waiting for some DNS changes on beaverrent [doing a huge update] I’ll go ahead and blog my progress on my goal of $10,000/month by January 1st 2008.

I’m going to make this pretty short because I have a lot of work I need to do: here is income so far this week [Sept 1st- Sept 7th]:

  • Adsense: $79.26
  • Kontera: ~$13
  • Direct Ad Sale: $50
  • Prosper: $23
  • CPAEmpire: $52
  • Credit Card Affiliate: $44
  • BeaverRent: $300+
  • Text-Link-Ads: ~$10

I’m not going to include any exact figures on BeaverRent, because it is a buisness with other parents and they might not to disclose information but it does make over $1000/month from sales, so I’m putting down $300 for the week.

What does it add up to? I don’t care, I’m short, my affiliate stuff has been increasing to $10+ a day, the goal is to get $1000/month through affiliates by the end of the month which will put me on track.

I almost bought a building this week to, it was a 6 bedroom house, the deal was ready to close accepted offer, and I went to check it out looked good, but found out we could not rent 3 of the rooms legally. So unfortunately I won’t be getting it, we almost had it pre-rented for $1850/month. Which I would have added to my gross income goal towards $10,000/month so unfortunately that fell through and I’ll be looking for another.

wes mahler house

here was a picture on what I thought was going to be my 2nd house.  I’m holding 2 fingers with my hand to symbolize the 2nd house, but I won’t be buying it now because the rooms on the left of me, are 3 bedrooms and the city won’t let me rent them out as rented on the MLS.

back to programming.

  • Hey man, nice job this week! You are kicking my A** on the Affiliate stuff, so I am coming after you this next week ;)! Thanks for all the help you have given me though. Good luck on finding your second house, and you better be looking for a third come February and we’ll get ours! I will be posting up my progress later tonight…unfortunately not as good as yours, but you always give me something to aim for ;)!

  • Why wouldnt the city let you rent them out?

  • Hey Jacob,

    The rooms to the left of me [in the picture] were 3 rooms, it was a converted garage to bedrooms. So they were never legally bedrooms to begin with, the owner sorta just threw them in their, and the neighbors were getting pissed that so many people were living there in illegal bedrooms as rentings.

    Basically they aren’t legal rooms according to corvallis so it is illegal for me to rent them out as the MLS listing was inaccurate and false advertising. I may be going after the listing agent to get my inspection money back because of the false advertising he did.

  • Wes,
    Did you contact a contractor to find out if it was possible to have a little bit of work done on the place to make it legal?


  • no I did not, there were alot of complaints on the house, unfortunately it was a converted garage so there was alot of stuff that the area was built on, it just violated abunch of things, and on top the neighbors were quite upset, and angry that the room was being rented out to 6 people.