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Sleep – 4 minutes of info to help thousands of hours sleep

I’m not sure if you ever searched on the internet the ideal sleeping position and what is best for your spine in different sleeping styles. For the personally developed, it would be good to know what is the best sleeping method for your spinal cord. Wouldn’t you think it’s important.

A lot of people sleep without even thinking of it, how will you feel after 50 years of sleeping improperly, won’t that feel wonderful on your spine.


First off, sleeping on your stomach, especially on a saggy mattress can cause back strain, and be uncomfortable for your neck.

If you sleep on your back that works pretty good, although do you sleep with a pillow under your legs? If you have no support underneath your legs it puts unnecessary strain on your lower back, try putting a pillow underneath your legs you’re back will immediately feel less trained. 

All you have to do is put a pillow beneath your legs if you sleep on your back at night, try it.

If you sleep on your back, you can also try using a back support (lumbar support) at night to make you more comfortable. A rolled sheet or towel tied around your waist may be helpful.

Illustration of sleeping positions——

For an even better sleep with even less strain on your lower back, is if you sleep on your side.  But in order to make sleeping on your side the most helpful put a pillow between your legs, so it supports it.  This is one of the most ideal ways to sleep, it has the least amount of strain on your lower back.


So give it a shot, all of theses assume you have a pillow underneath your head too.  In short, put a pillow beneath your legs if your on your back, or a pillow beneath your legs if your on your side. Imagine the slight edge difference over 10, 20, 30, 40+ years if you slept in the best position for your back over those years.

But check this out, sleeping on either your right or left side has an impact.  The aboslute best side to sleep on (if you don’t have a baby) is sleeping on the right side, because the left lung is smaller than the right one and the pressure on the heart is less than on the left side, it also helps your digestive system. 

  • Bad: Don’t sleep on stomach
  • Bad: Sleep on back without any leg support
  • Fair: Sleep on side without any leg supports
  • Good: Sleep on back with leg support, (pillow beneath legs)
  • Great: Sleep on side with pillow between legs
  • Best (if your not pregnant): Sleep on your right side with pillow between your legs

Give this a shot guys, see how you feel at night, I’m interested in hearing, guess what position I sleep in.  On my right side with a pillow beneath my legs.  PS, a firm mattress is also better than a soft one.

Have a good night’s sleep. Try it out, just get an extra pillow, and test it out, see for yourself.

PS: if your pregnant, the best side to sleep on is the left side

A meeting every two months.

I’ve set up a meeting with my CPA every two months now, it is always good to know the best methods of moving your moving around for tax purposes. 


It is always good to have insight on the year’s taxes with a certified account (someone with experience).  Cashflow is a fast word, and sometimes it is best to have someone else look at our situtation to give us a different insight.  Unfortunately, so many times, myself included think I have everything on lock down as far as finances, but they would look horrible when my accountant looks at it. 

This way, my accountant can get in my face and say, “Wes what the heck are you doing with theses finances” you are spending to much, this investment is performing horrible, we should move some of theses assets in a different area, with your several corporations there must be a better way to do this for tax purposes.  You know if you did this with your finances you could….

Outside help from someone who is well qualified in a particular area is great, have you consider meeting on a regular basis with some sort of advisor or mentor?