Wes Mahler is earning $10,000 a month by January 1st, 2008

Here goes nothing, I’m am going to complete my goals for January 1st, 2008.  I’ve wrote them on here many times, and it is a great reminder to yourself to push yourself.  I’m pushing myself to make an exponential increase in my skill, in my income, in my mindset to make my goals.  To have more you have to become more. 

  • On January 1st, 2008
  • My businesses are making $10,000 a month
  • BeaverRent is a world class company
  • I have multiple streams of leveraged income
  • I own/co-own three (3) buildings
  • I have 100% integrity

“If you think you can, or think you can not, you are right” – Henry Ford.

I can, and I will, and here is why I know: From personal experiences and testimonials we know what is possible is possible for us.  People have done it before, some of my friends, and I’ve heard many stories, I can too. 

I’m on track for two buildings, today my friend and I are making an offer on a building in Corvallis, as a rental property.  A good deal came up and another partnership a 50/50 deal between my friend and I to own a building in Corvallis.  Our offered will probably get denied, but we will continue to offer on buildings.  This deal will help me pickup a 2nd piece of real estate.

I’m on track for three buildings, I have already setup another partnership between one of my best friends from middle school, and another friend, we are going to split a down payment 1/3 1/3 1/3, and my friend is coming back to the miliarty in about 1-2 weeks.  We have already got our downpayment seasoned now, we are going to do the loan through him and make offers on a building.  This building is on track and will be purchased in Portland. 

Both of theses buildings soon be done before my deadline: Both real estate deals should be complete, there is alot of time, 1/4th of the year remains, that is 4 months, that is over 120 days to accomplish my goal. 

The reason I’am able to move forward on this deals is because I have written my goals above my bed, I see them when I wake up and goto bed every day, they are constantly their.  The thoughts are in my head, “Wes, 3 buildings, $10,000/month.” “Wes, three buildings, generate $10,000 a month.” “Wes, I’m making $10,000 a month by Janaury 1st, 2008, and I own three buildings.”  “I’m on my way, 3 buildings, and $10,000/month.”

With your goals infront of you every day you are able to constantly remind yourself of what you need to do.  All day I’m thinking about, ok is this helping me towards what I need to do, and I have a focus and most everything I’m doing is to direct me towards what I want because I have clarified my thinking.

$10,000/month this is going to be the most difficult and challenging of all the goals.  My goal is just to gross $10,000/month.  Now you might say, well gross doesn’t mean anything and that net means the most.  Well tell me something, I don’t know many people who make $10,000/month net if they aren’t grossing $10,000/month.  You can’t tell me a company that does $1,000,000 a year gross isn’t moving.  Ok they are, and I realize it is not net, but all I’m shooting for is $10,000/month income.

Where I’am right now is currently around the $3,000/month income stream from businesses. That is $1,625 a month from Blue tail Properties, $500/month from Jingyee, Inc, $1,000/month from Prolegic Enterprises LLC, and BW Online Inc is on track to generating $500/month this month.

Where I’am going to do is generate $7,000/month in additional income within four month.  I will then be in the top 10% of the population, as less than 10% of the population earns $10,000/month.  To where from there, well it will be onto $20,000/month and join the top 8% of the population and just keep going and going and going.

How I’m going to do it well one of the great things about the law of attraction is setting your goals, I set my goals originally for $10,000/month in 2009. I moved it to 2008, we need to be able to write down goals even though we do not know how we are going to do them.  It is by writing down something far out there, that we then find a way to accomplish it.

$5,000/month income will be generated through affiliate marketing, one thing you need to know and is figure out is how you are going to decide it.  The only way I figured out I’m going to generate an extra gross $5,000/month is from marketing affiliate marketing.  Why? Affiliate marketing I like to call insta cash. It is quick money, and it is quick because there are companies that pay you money on a commission basis, you can join theses companies in a day or two, once your accepted you can immediately begin earning commissions off sales/leads/clicks.  You can have a commission program it, market it immediately and make money immediately.

Weekly reviews will be place on WesMahler.com to show my progress and how I’m doing. Feel free to kick me in the butt if you think I’m slacking, I more appreciate anyones’ help to push me harder and faster in the game of life.  I’m going to review starting the beginning of this month, each week how much income is earned, on the 7th day of the week Sunday.  I’m going to post it here, and then at the end of the month, tally it all up, reflect and learn from the past, see what can be improved.

In order to meet goals it is important to know where you are in your progress, how can you earn $10,000/month if you do not even know how much your making right now, how do you know, lets tally it up. Or I will.

So there is the challenge, I will make it happen, and those who read this blog will see it for yourself.  I’m going to push myself, I’AM GOING TO FIND A WAY. There is a way, I just have to find it, I need to deserve it, and I need to do some serious studying of wealth building in a short time, and immediate action towards my objectives.  Maybe after I complete my goal, you’ll take a look at yourself and maybe it’ll inspire you to push yourself into the top 10% of the population in a short period of time.  You can do it, there is a way, people have done it before, the question isn’t can you, the question is will you? 

  • Alright man, I am ready for us to make it happen! I want to thank you for all the motivation you have provided me with! I am seriously getting on the right track in large part due to you. I will watch you succeed and be right there alongside of you. Time to make it happen!

  • What made you move the $10,000 per month goal to 2008 from 2009?

  • Decided there is no point to wait, and couldn’t see the hurt in making it happen sooner than later, especially because my friend already did it.