Keep on trying, untill you succeed

Ok for the past year I have been trying to get someone to help me build my rotary engine websites.  They are a steady source of income, anyone interested can help out on them.  I will help generate traffic from existing traffic of over 600 visitors a day and over 2000 page views a day.

I have tried to work with over 6 people now, trying to have someone help me setup the website.  I even spent a whole weekend with someone and his Macintosh only to have it fail, I did have my buddy work on them for awhile but he was very unskilled at it and added only several videos.  So I just tried to hire a couple kids a week ago from a family friend’s high school students. I never got a call back so here goes my elance bid:, maybe I’ll get someone on there this time for a monthly paycheck. Generate an extra $400-500/month, always good to reinvest back into the business. I’ll update to see how the elance job goes, leverage yourself with the combined effort of multiple people working on projects.

Its been one complete year I’ve tried to get someone on it, so this time I shall succeed with, I hope. If not, I’ll try again.

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  • Like I always say, it’s about a person’s will to succeed.

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