They Say Money Doesn’t Make You Happy And The Love Money Is Evil

What a bunch of crock, if you are interested in money go after it.  When I look back and when I was in debt with credit cards, I have $10 in my bank account, matter of fact I over drafted 3-4x.  I tell you, what makes you unhappy is not having enough money.  The love of money is evil? The love of money serves no purpose, I don’t think anyone actually loves money, because loving money serves no purpose. It isn’t the money, it is what the money can do you for you, it is HAVING THE FREEDOM OF BEING FINANCIALLY INDEPEDENT, where you can DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.

My aunt says wes you work all the time, don’t you want to be a normal college student. You going to miss the college life.  No I don’t want to be a normal college student, what would I ever want to be normal The average household has over $6,000 in credit card debt, the average household makes less than $100,000 a year, the average student will work for someone else, the average college student will never set a single goal in his or her life.  So no, I don’t feel like associating with it, I’m going after freedom.

I’m reflecting, today, I’m making another offer today on another house.  It is so blissful to do what you love, and start to earn more income, it has been going better.  I remember one saying, “They say money doesn’t make you happy”, then they responded “poor people made that up.”  What money will do is magnify your personal brand, it will make u brighter or dimmer.  I’ve been happier ever time I’am able to earn more income, as of right now I don’t have high min payments, I have a house, I’m moving towards my goals, I can actual afford food if I want to [seriously] and I can have some freedom, i would argue in most cases money can make you happier by giving you options in life.

The people who tell me money isn’t that important or don’t want that much, are always the ones complaining about how expensive stuff is.  WELL, that is why I’m working on building wealth, so the things you want, a vacation, a horse, a new car, ability to pay for your schools’ college, I can do without HAVING TO WORRY.  Is not the money, it is what the money can do for you.

Money is not the root of all evil,  MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL PROSPERITY.   Competition allows people to strive for greatness, and schools compete for better classrooms, money is a good thing that empowers people to do more.  It is an incentive that helps bring GOOD things to our lives, businesses, googles, microsofts, fords, the companies are the true unsung heros of America, and money is the root of all prosperity.