When the idea is hot, take action, action pronto, action immediately!

Well as I was taking a break from programming BeaverRent.com, I had an idea that I will pursue.

Whenever you have an inspired action, thought, or idea, you should take immediate action towards it.  As Anthony Robbins says, before you leave with a great idea, start the task immediately, just take ONE step towards doing what you want to do.  Do not leave the idea without taking some sort of ACTION towards achieving it once you had the idea.  Take ONE ACTION towards the idea before you leave the scene.

So of course, I took action immediately on the first step towards the idea. 

The idea was to start writing up another book, but only so because I feel I have found a title worth writing about, and have an interest in doing it.  I have though about this book for several months now, and it finally hit me, if I had a book by the title I just thought of, it would well, imho be a best seller.

The book I was previously writing was about the law of association, and how you become like the combined average of the five (5) most people you associate with the most.  I was writing that book, I had 50 pages done, until my computer crashed, and I literally lost the entire book.  I later never started it back-up for lack of enthusiasm about the topic, and doubt that it would not be that successful of a book in itself.

When you are thinking about starting a long-term project, like a book it sure takes alot of work.  One philosophy to making the work seem easier is breaking it down.  If you had to write a whole book of 100 pages.  You could break it down, and write one page a day.  One page a day to difficult, how about one paragraph a day, every day.  The key is every day, and only do what you are suppose to do in a day, don’t go past, what we want is not a sprint acouple days, but a continual steady slow disciplined progress towards completing the task.

You could even do one sentence a day, and after a while you have a book written. (One sentence a day, thats pretty easy.)

When the idea is hot, take action, pronto, action, immediate!

I’m going to be starting my one-page a day again, on my new title, this should be good.  I will not be disclosing the information about the book until it is ready, this one I’m going to go through with certainly, my gut feeling is in this one. 

When the idea is hot, take action, action pronto, action immediate!

  • I know, it must be titled “Personal Development of the Rich”

  • Close one, but no license plate!