Caculating Networth

If focused on building your asset base, it is good to know where you are upon your journey.  A good way you may consider tracking your progress is by creating a simple personal net worth statement. 

The net worth statement lists all of your assets, and then deducts all of the liabilities you have, you end up with what your total net worth is.  The Millionaire Real Estate Investor book had the concept of reviewing your net worth every week, or every month to make sure it is growing.

What is your net worth, do you know exactly?  Got five minutes, calculate your own net worth, its fun, if your able to try using this excel sheet every month or so, to see how your progress is going.

Go here, and download the free personal balance sheet.  It is a shopping cart setup, but it is a free download,

Just do it.

  • LOL I think I know what I am worth already. Shouldn’t you?!