Best program to download individual songs

If your familiar with p2p sharing, there are some good and some bad. Lately I have been using to find torrents, its great because you can download a ton of files, but they are mostly like WHOLE cds together, or like 100 song batches. I just wanted one.

I was suprirsed to find the best program to find songs for download, individual ones.

Just google it, “[song name] mp3 download”. lol there all over the place on various websites. FYI, you might already know this, I diddn’t.

  • Yeah, thats pretty well known but there are easier ways such as using other P2P sharing programs like Limewire Pro. Its free to use and unlike regular Limewire, there is no adware or spam ads.

    If you prefer, you can still use torrents, but you need a BitTorrent client like the one I am using that allows individual batch downloads instead of having to download the entire bulk. This way you can select individual files from a torrent to download instead of downloading say all the songs on one CD or 100 songs in the torrent (Unless it is a zip file).

    The other thing you might also look into is using other torrent sites, I don’t like isohunt as much as the other ones. Although isohunt is one of the bigger torrent sites, it lower on my list because it doesnt have as much stuff as some of the other sites. You may want to try expanding (diversify) your choices.

  • IsoHunt, ThePiratesBay, Mininova and Demonoid can provide you almost all softwares, videos and music you need.

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