A meeting every two months.

I’ve set up a meeting with my CPA every two months now, it is always good to know the best methods of moving your moving around for tax purposes. 


It is always good to have insight on the year’s taxes with a certified account (someone with experience).  Cashflow is a fast word, and sometimes it is best to have someone else look at our situtation to give us a different insight.  Unfortunately, so many times, myself included think I have everything on lock down as far as finances, but they would look horrible when my accountant looks at it. 

This way, my accountant can get in my face and say, “Wes what the heck are you doing with theses finances” you are spending to much, this investment is performing horrible, we should move some of theses assets in a different area, with your several corporations there must be a better way to do this for tax purposes.  You know if you did this with your finances you could….

Outside help from someone who is well qualified in a particular area is great, have you consider meeting on a regular basis with some sort of advisor or mentor?

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  • although we can always exchange services!

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  • errr, could you mind telling me more about CPA?

  • CPA also known as an accountant, if that answers your question?

  • hmmm…i want to talk to you about this online/phone soon. cao

  • I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s amazing how much money can be wasted trying to get your finances in order at the last minute every year.

    Especially if you’re running a business or making a great income online, you need a CPA to advise on your business. I meet with mine about once per quarter.