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Keep on trying, untill you succeed

Ok for the past year I have been trying to get someone to help me build my rotary engine websites.  They are a steady source of income, anyone interested can help out on them.  I will help generate traffic from existing traffic of over 600 visitors a day and over 2000 page views a day.

I have tried to work with over 6 people now, trying to have someone help me setup the website.  I even spent a whole weekend with someone and his Macintosh only to have it fail, I did have my buddy work on them for awhile but he was very unskilled at it and added only several videos.  So I just tried to hire a couple kids a week ago from a family friend’s high school students. I never got a call back so here goes my elance bid:, maybe I’ll get someone on there this time for a monthly paycheck. Generate an extra $400-500/month, always good to reinvest back into the business. I’ll update to see how the elance job goes, leverage yourself with the combined effort of multiple people working on projects.

Its been one complete year I’ve tried to get someone on it, so this time I shall succeed with, I hope. If not, I’ll try again.

Wes Mahler is earning $10,000 a month by January 1st, 2008

Here goes nothing, I’m am going to complete my goals for January 1st, 2008.  I’ve wrote them on here many times, and it is a great reminder to yourself to push yourself.  I’m pushing myself to make an exponential increase in my skill, in my income, in my mindset to make my goals.  To have more you have to become more. 

  • On January 1st, 2008
  • My businesses are making $10,000 a month
  • BeaverRent is a world class company
  • I have multiple streams of leveraged income
  • I own/co-own three (3) buildings
  • I have 100% integrity

“If you think you can, or think you can not, you are right” – Henry Ford.

I can, and I will, and here is why I know: From personal experiences and testimonials we know what is possible is possible for us.  People have done it before, some of my friends, and I’ve heard many stories, I can too. 

I’m on track for two buildings, today my friend and I are making an offer on a building in Corvallis, as a rental property.  A good deal came up and another partnership a 50/50 deal between my friend and I to own a building in Corvallis.  Our offered will probably get denied, but we will continue to offer on buildings.  This deal will help me pickup a 2nd piece of real estate.

I’m on track for three buildings, I have already setup another partnership between one of my best friends from middle school, and another friend, we are going to split a down payment 1/3 1/3 1/3, and my friend is coming back to the miliarty in about 1-2 weeks.  We have already got our downpayment seasoned now, we are going to do the loan through him and make offers on a building.  This building is on track and will be purchased in Portland. 

Both of theses buildings soon be done before my deadline: Both real estate deals should be complete, there is alot of time, 1/4th of the year remains, that is 4 months, that is over 120 days to accomplish my goal. 

The reason I’am able to move forward on this deals is because I have written my goals above my bed, I see them when I wake up and goto bed every day, they are constantly their.  The thoughts are in my head, “Wes, 3 buildings, $10,000/month.” “Wes, three buildings, generate $10,000 a month.” “Wes, I’m making $10,000 a month by Janaury 1st, 2008, and I own three buildings.”  “I’m on my way, 3 buildings, and $10,000/month.”

With your goals infront of you every day you are able to constantly remind yourself of what you need to do.  All day I’m thinking about, ok is this helping me towards what I need to do, and I have a focus and most everything I’m doing is to direct me towards what I want because I have clarified my thinking.

$10,000/month this is going to be the most difficult and challenging of all the goals.  My goal is just to gross $10,000/month.  Now you might say, well gross doesn’t mean anything and that net means the most.  Well tell me something, I don’t know many people who make $10,000/month net if they aren’t grossing $10,000/month.  You can’t tell me a company that does $1,000,000 a year gross isn’t moving.  Ok they are, and I realize it is not net, but all I’m shooting for is $10,000/month income.

Where I’am right now is currently around the $3,000/month income stream from businesses. That is $1,625 a month from Blue tail Properties, $500/month from Jingyee, Inc, $1,000/month from Prolegic Enterprises LLC, and BW Online Inc is on track to generating $500/month this month.

Where I’am going to do is generate $7,000/month in additional income within four month.  I will then be in the top 10% of the population, as less than 10% of the population earns $10,000/month.  To where from there, well it will be onto $20,000/month and join the top 8% of the population and just keep going and going and going.

How I’m going to do it well one of the great things about the law of attraction is setting your goals, I set my goals originally for $10,000/month in 2009. I moved it to 2008, we need to be able to write down goals even though we do not know how we are going to do them.  It is by writing down something far out there, that we then find a way to accomplish it.

$5,000/month income will be generated through affiliate marketing, one thing you need to know and is figure out is how you are going to decide it.  The only way I figured out I’m going to generate an extra gross $5,000/month is from marketing affiliate marketing.  Why? Affiliate marketing I like to call insta cash. It is quick money, and it is quick because there are companies that pay you money on a commission basis, you can join theses companies in a day or two, once your accepted you can immediately begin earning commissions off sales/leads/clicks.  You can have a commission program it, market it immediately and make money immediately.

Weekly reviews will be place on to show my progress and how I’m doing. Feel free to kick me in the butt if you think I’m slacking, I more appreciate anyones’ help to push me harder and faster in the game of life.  I’m going to review starting the beginning of this month, each week how much income is earned, on the 7th day of the week Sunday.  I’m going to post it here, and then at the end of the month, tally it all up, reflect and learn from the past, see what can be improved.

In order to meet goals it is important to know where you are in your progress, how can you earn $10,000/month if you do not even know how much your making right now, how do you know, lets tally it up. Or I will.

So there is the challenge, I will make it happen, and those who read this blog will see it for yourself.  I’m going to push myself, I’AM GOING TO FIND A WAY. There is a way, I just have to find it, I need to deserve it, and I need to do some serious studying of wealth building in a short time, and immediate action towards my objectives.  Maybe after I complete my goal, you’ll take a look at yourself and maybe it’ll inspire you to push yourself into the top 10% of the population in a short period of time.  You can do it, there is a way, people have done it before, the question isn’t can you, the question is will you? 

They Say Money Doesn’t Make You Happy And The Love Money Is Evil

What a bunch of crock, if you are interested in money go after it.  When I look back and when I was in debt with credit cards, I have $10 in my bank account, matter of fact I over drafted 3-4x.  I tell you, what makes you unhappy is not having enough money.  The love of money is evil? The love of money serves no purpose, I don’t think anyone actually loves money, because loving money serves no purpose. It isn’t the money, it is what the money can do you for you, it is HAVING THE FREEDOM OF BEING FINANCIALLY INDEPEDENT, where you can DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.

My aunt says wes you work all the time, don’t you want to be a normal college student. You going to miss the college life.  No I don’t want to be a normal college student, what would I ever want to be normal The average household has over $6,000 in credit card debt, the average household makes less than $100,000 a year, the average student will work for someone else, the average college student will never set a single goal in his or her life.  So no, I don’t feel like associating with it, I’m going after freedom.

I’m reflecting, today, I’m making another offer today on another house.  It is so blissful to do what you love, and start to earn more income, it has been going better.  I remember one saying, “They say money doesn’t make you happy”, then they responded “poor people made that up.”  What money will do is magnify your personal brand, it will make u brighter or dimmer.  I’ve been happier ever time I’am able to earn more income, as of right now I don’t have high min payments, I have a house, I’m moving towards my goals, I can actual afford food if I want to [seriously] and I can have some freedom, i would argue in most cases money can make you happier by giving you options in life.

The people who tell me money isn’t that important or don’t want that much, are always the ones complaining about how expensive stuff is.  WELL, that is why I’m working on building wealth, so the things you want, a vacation, a horse, a new car, ability to pay for your schools’ college, I can do without HAVING TO WORRY.  Is not the money, it is what the money can do for you.

Money is not the root of all evil,  MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL PROSPERITY.   Competition allows people to strive for greatness, and schools compete for better classrooms, money is a good thing that empowers people to do more.  It is an incentive that helps bring GOOD things to our lives, businesses, googles, microsofts, fords, the companies are the true unsung heros of America, and money is the root of all prosperity.

My Favorite Business Model [subscriptions]

Well exciting times, things are moving, even more so for my buddies at, Analytics 2.0.

They are going to be doing a business partnership with a very large website, which should make their company do over one million dollars in sales.  Not bad, the company has been in existence for about one year right now.  Their success reminds me of the best revenue model in my opinion. 

It is exciting to see your friends move ahead, some of my friends say, they are jealous of me [that i got a house, and some other things].  Well, when I see my friends taking off, I don’t get jealous, I get excited, and apprecative for what they have done.  I’m excited for them, and wish them even more success, even if it means they are going faster than me.  I want my friends to do better than I, so when our friends do good, say thats awesome, and instead of a jealous feeling that someone else is doing more than you [which just makes you feel bad anyways] be excited for them, because as your five closet friends start earning more income, they will normally help you out too by sheer association with successful people.

Especially more true because the project I’m working on now [or actually the programmer i hired] should have a beta test done pretty soon.  I told him if he could get the beta test done by the end of this month I’ll give him another extra $100 cash, we’ll see what happens.  As a friend’s business starts to move, there is always opportunity to build off of it.  One of the things I’m going to do it latch onto their success and they may be helping me market a viable product that will have similar target market.  They are doing my favorite business model, and I’m going to do the same type of model.

So what is my favorite business model, well it clarified the thought after I read Ryan Allis’ book, Zero To One Million, sharp 23 year old, who now has a company that does over 3 million dollars a year in gross sales, – email marketing software. Awesome. He also has the model I love, and which makes so much sense.  So what is it?

My favorite model is from the book, and a quote by Paul J Getty, known for a famous quote, “I’d rather have one percent effort coming from 100 people rather than 100% effort coming from myself.”  You’ll hear that one alot.  But he also said was this, not specific quote. But here it is:

“Build a company that offers a product/service that you can charge a monthly/yearly subscription fee for, that way your new sales are always building off of old sales, and soon you have a massive overlapping residual sales every year.”

That is so awesome, think about it, that is the way I’m going to do it.   My service towards internet entrepreneurs will be something I’m able to take in a monthly subscription from users, and then my sales will continue to build.

This is how now does over 3 million dollars in sales after several years, sales they made 6 years ago are still on the books.  24 Hour Fitness a huge fitness business has reoccurring people who go in every month to work out, they have so many customers now.  Although I can’t disclose how much getclicky is making they are generating sales every month, and pretty soon they will be hitting their 2nd year, and they will be getting new sales on top of their old sales.  Or take Ben Casnocha, a 19 year old entrepreneur out of Silicon Valley, his product is a government feedback generation, their reoccurring software fees are about $10,000 a year, and they have a bunch of customers.  Image those residuals.

My favorite model, an online software product you can sell for a monthly subscription. 

That is what I’m going to do, and it will work, I’m confident in this web 2.0 project when it is released will be the ticket to financial freedom after 3 years of working every day non stop, trying to make something work.  The ants work all season long, lets keep working so we can catch that next boat to financial freedom.

Leverage Yourself – Hire Other People

The way to make more money, is to do more and more with less and less.  One way to do that is leverage yourself by hiring other people. 

One of the things Tim F recommended in the four hour work week was to hire a VA a “Virtual Assistant” for about $5/hour and have them do all of your unimportant work that anyone can do.  Well being one to take the advice and actually apply it, I did search for some VAs on, but never followed through with it.  I’m going to instead hire someone else’s kid I know and pay him.

Once you are earning some residual income you may consider starting to pay someone else to do your work for you.  Employees are to replace yourself and have them do your work for you.

So with Jingyee, Inc the internet holding company for two websites is currently now bringing around $500-$600/month, it just makes sense to pay someone $300-400/month to keep building that internet company.  So I called my dad’s contractor who has three kids, and I’m going to hire one of them to do computer work for me and expand the website business.  The engine sites are pretty basic, it just adding content about engines and Mazda’s, simple enough.  I will just go ahead and pay them, and then later on if they get good, they can have a residual piece of the money once it is generating more money.

With extra income, instead of buying a toy, you may consider paying someone else to work for you. 

Putting Together a Real Estate Deal For Someone Else

This is a long post, you may or may not want to read it.

One way to be an owner in a real estate transaction is to simply retain a percentage of the building for doing all of the work, and have another party invest the money. You would then receive a % of the building for the work you put in. Now technically this may or may not be illegal depending on if the person who is invested, is an accredited investor. Next post will be on accredited investors.

So one of my family members is interested in real estate investing, he lives in another state and is considering moving here. So I see the opportunity and he is interested in doing a deal with me. I will put the deal together, do all of the work and receive a cut off a building. The following is a proposal I sent to him, with many typos but he likes the idea, and its not the typos its just a general sum of information about real estate investing. But before I get here, I want to stop and take a look at one philosophy.

  • A lot of people believe it takes money to take money, that isn’t necessary true. What I found out, is it takes a number of things to make money, and they are the following three commitments: Skill, Time, or Money.
  • See if you have a lot of money, you can have someone invest all your money for you and make money.
  • But if you are low on money, and you have a lot of time, you can invest someone else’ money and get paid for your time.
  • If you are very skilled at putting together deals and you can quickly put the deal together with investors and the wrokers, you can make money, so its three concepts, you need skill, time and money.

In order for it to work, you either need alot of one commitment: ie: a lot of money, or a lot of time, or if you have a little bit of both you can make it happen and make some money on investments.

So this idea, and this propsal Im showing you that I wrote out for a family is someone coming from me having skill and time to invest, and the other party having money. In this case, once the deal is complete I will technically be owning part of a building with no money down, but I did put something down, I put down my skill and time.

Seriously, we need to stop saying we don’t have enough money to invest. When you have time or skill you can invest. If you just had alot of money, and u diddn’t know how to invest you’d suck anyways.

The following is the letter I send to my family member, names of the other party have been removed for privacy, but you can see what the heck wes mahler is doing with real estate investing.


Hey John Doe,

Here are some thoughts I have jotted down on this letter. Please realize I haven’t gone through and proof-read everything. So I apologize in advance for things that don’t make sense, I’ve never facilitated a real estate deal for someone else as of yet, (although have been trying to do that for 5 months now). So I created this document while you were here, and finished it today. It is some just notes on the transaction, what types of returns, how long it would take, the money required, what it would cost, and how it would sort of all play out. This should be a good start into the real estate investing into Portland deal. Again, not the most professional paper here, but it should get the job done.

You can call me at anytime on my cell at


Real Estate Investment for John Doe

Idea: To facilitate a real estate investment in Portland, OR for John Doe through purchasing a residential rental property, 4 units or less and managing it for a long-term investment. Property would be located in inner Portland, it would be 4 units or less, and be nice enough to be a potential place for John Doe to move in-to at a further date if necessary.

Investment: The investment on the building would be 10% down, the investment can go up or own depending on the sales price of the building. The estimated sale price on a building that may be of interest to us, a single family house or duplex, will be approximately in the range $200,000 – $250,000. $250,000 would be on the higher end, this would be located in the inner Portland district, and have at least 2 bedrooms 1 bath per unit, preferably one unit with more bedrooms for John Doe if he decides to move in at a later date. With the proposed sales price, which is based off a rough estimate of the median sales price for what we are looking for, it will be approximately at $20,000-$25,000 investment for a down payment.

Although there would be additional costs in purchasing a building, the down payment would be the bulk of the money. There will be some closing costs associated with closing on the property, estimated around 2% of the sales price, so on the estimated sale price on an investment it would be fair to estimate around $4,000 in closing costs. Now of course we would most likely be negotiating with the seller and have them contribute the money towards the closing cost in negotiation.

Additional fees and services would be minimal, there would be a home inspection, which will be around $250-$400 to have someone come in and inspect the foundation. If there is an oil tank on the property it will be an additional $150 roughly to inspect for an oil tank leaks, the only other inspection that would potentially really be necessary would be a sewer inspection, other than that, theses inspections would be the cost on doing the due diligence on the property.

The rest of the remaining cost would be associated with general maintenance, although we would do our best to find a property that is a rock solid investment, and do our due diligence to make sure no work is needed any time soon, and if needed, we have the seller pay for the repairs before we purchase.

How it could be put together

The real estate transaction could be put together in several months; the proposed time from starting to finish (closing on the property) would approximately take around 4 months as a rough estimate. The two (2) weeks would be spent getting all of the lending requirements done, getting pre-qualified for a “residential investment property loan at 10% down.” Once we had pre-qualification and a good faith estimate on what the monthly payments would be and percentages, we could then start to look at properties and run numbers to make sure they fit the right parameters necessary to make a good investment.

Finding a property could take considerable time, much of it would be determined by the current market conditions. Currently today (August 2007) it is a good time to purchase real estate because it is a buyer’s market, from what I know a buyer’s market is when real estate is sitting on the market for more than 6 months. There is plenty of real estate for sale and there are many properties that could fit our investment parameters.

Finding a building, I (Wes Mahler) would be working with my realtor, who is a real estate investor themselves and would locate a building that would make sense on the numbers. We would determine the net operating income (the rental income, minus vacancy loss, minus property tax, minus insurance, minus maintenance, minus utilities, and minus and property managers) and then only purchase a property where our NOI (net operating income) is equal to, or greater than out monthly mortgage payments. In short, we would only buy an investment that would at least break even on the cash flow (even with vacancy, maintenance, and everything factored in) or find something that is positive cash flow even after maintenance. We would do our best to get it right on, unfortunately because the housing prices are going up; it has been becoming increasingly difficult to find a property with 10% down to break even or cash flow, so it will be most likely that the property investment will be breaking even.

So finding a property would take time, estimate around 1-2 months in order to find a good property worth investing in. After that we would proceed on making offers on the building, we would be making offers on several buildings, lower offers, get rejected a couple of times and make sure we are getting a good deal when we buy. My philosophy is, if they accept your offer, we are paying too much for the building. So we offer a little less, get rejected a couple of times to find a better deal, with a motivated seller.

Making offers and running through negotiations should take around a month in time, we will probably get accepted on several offers and then run the due diligence on them, due diligence will take approximately 2 weeks in order to complete. Some buildings will fail the due diligence process so we will be looking at several properties and being very selective on what we buy. We are not needy or emotionally attached to any deals, we just look at the numbers and the numbers will tell us what to do.

We will run through the several inspections as mentioned above, and once we find a property then we will begin to close. Closing will take approximately one week, and it will require the owner of the property to be around to do the signings, unless a power of attorney is used to allow someone else to act in his or her name. Regardless of what route is chosen, closing is fairly easy, at this time, we have already spent money on due diligence (paying inspectors) and at this time will be simply providing the down payment for the property, which will included payments for the taxes and insurance for each year.

At time of closing then the property would need to get rented, we would be able to put the property on craigslist and rent the property out immediately upon closing. We have the documents and contracts necessary for doing the rental applications and would be able to get the properties filled. We understand that we don’t want any one, and that it is better to have no one renting the property than a bad person renting the property from us.

Management would be full-awareness task, not necessarily full-time, but full time available in the incident that someone is needed over at the property. It could be done two ways, that either I would be able to manage the building, or finding a company that could manage it for you that would still produce a break-even monthly cash flow or better.

In the time that a large repair needed to be made we will work together in order to fix the problem, if we do it correctly we should have bugged in expected maintenance into our cash flow equation.

At the end of each year taxes and accounting work will need to be done. We will our accountant go ahead and work on the tax filings, what would probably happen is we would place the real estate asset into an LLC (limited liability company) because it is one of the best entities for real estate investments due to the accessibility of the cash flow and relatively ease to set it up and operate it. The costs associated with starting an LLC would be approximately $100/year for the entity, and having the accounting do the work would cost approximately around $500-$700/year depending on how complicated the finances are.

What the returns might be

If we take the above proposed example of investing in a building around $200,000 I can give some rough estimates on the return on investment.

· 10% down payment

· $20,000 down to control $200,000 worth of real estate.

For the last 5 years Portland has appreciated about 13% each year, although it wouldn’t be surprising if it continued to appreciate by around 10% each year, let’s just say conservatively it appreciated 5% the near year.

During the 1st year, with a 5% appreciation figure, your building would now be worth $210,000.

There is now an extra $10,000 worth of equity due to appreciation growth.

With in respect to appreciation, your $20,000 investment just earned $10,000 in equity appreciation, a 50% ROI in 1 year with just appreciation figure.

With amortization on a $200,000 year loan, taking into consideration that the first payments are more interest heavy, that is they are primarily more interest than paying down the principal. It is safe to assume the mortgage is paying down approximately $150/month on principal in the first year. This would result in amortizing the loan around $1,300 for the 1st year.

The cash flow from the rent would be breaking even, although, we would have a considerable tax deduction by writing off the depreciation of the building, potentially carrying over to another tax return.

What it might cost to put it together

I wasn’t exactly sure how much to do the deal for, so it took awhile to figure it out.

The proposed plan would be doing all of the work, everything, from helping setup the finances for the loan, to finding the building, to analyzing buildings, make offers on the buildings, due the due diligence on the building, closing on the buildings, forming the LLC, advertising the property go get it fill, managing the property, getting the accounting done, and filing the necessary tax returns at the end of the year for the LLC, and of course be available 24/7 incase on site assistance is needed at the property.

I came to the conclusion that it would work at a 20% for putting everything today.

Well, I also must clarify what the 20% of it means, it would just means for instance, that if we invested $10,000. For putting together everything and managing it, my ‘work’ equity would have interest in $2,000 of the down payment.

So if we purchased a $100,000 building with $10,000 down. (Our equity in the building would only be 10k, because the mortgage would be $90,000). I would ask for 20% basically of the equity in the building that we owned. I hope that makes sense, it is basically like me getting interest in 20% of the down payment for the work that I would be putting into the transaction.

Here is why I figured 20%, I was thinking 10% would be too low because for instance, if we purchased a $200,000 building with 10%, or $20,000 down. If I was to get 10%, I’d only have $2,000 at the start.

If the building appreciated 10% in one year, resulting in our building being worth $220,000, our equity in the building would now be, $40,000 (our original down payment + appreciation equity). If I was at 10%, that means after 1 year of appreciation growth (while I was managing the whole time) I would have earned an extra $2,000 for one years of work. $2,000 in one year of managing a property when I looked at it like that was just not enough money; it would be less than minimum wage for a whole month of working at McDonalds.

I came to conclusion that 10% is just not worth it for me, and 20% would make it worthwhile for me to put in a significant time investing and you would still make a large return on investment. If for example in the above situation, if the building appreciated 10%, and you put 10% down on a building, you would have earned $8,000 in one year, off a $10,000 investment. Or a 80% ROI (if our building went up 10%, and we put down 10%). Hope that makes sense.

The 20% would be a lot higher than a stock broker would charge on a commission for a stock transaction, but this is completely different. Whereas a stock broker can get a commission for a buy recommendation or whatever, I’m going to be putting in many hours of work, running around, negotiating with sellers, working with mortgage brokers, on call, a long-term residual person who works for you throughout the whole deal, I’m going to be doing 100x the work of a stock broker, and I’m going to make more money than the stock broker can be.

Real Estate Vs. Stocks

Here is why I don’t like stocks.

If a stock plummets to $0/share you are screwed, if your building burns down you have insurance.

If you want to liquid your stocks you have no real way of avoiding capital gains, with real estate you can defer your capital gains by doing a 1031, and pay NO capital gains on your real estate appreciation.

With stocks you always have to buy a stock at what its current value is, with real estate you can buy a house less than the appraised value and immediately have equity in your pocket. In other words, with real estate, you can make money immediately when you buy it right. In stocks, you can’t do that.

In stocks there is practically no leverage in the portfolio, (unless you do some sort of risky options). But if you have $10,000 in stocks, and you get 10%, that’s not that great. Whereas in real estate, with $10,000 as a down payment, u can control $100,000 worth of real estate, and get a 10% ROI on the $100,000.

If you got a 10% return on $10,000 in stocks, you would have made $1,000 in a year. You would have only made a 10% ROI on your 10k.

If you got a 10% return on a $100,000 building, you would have made $10,000 in a year, or a 100% ROI on your 10k.

Then there are also no every year tax benefits to holding stocks, but there is in real estate. Every year you can deduct the depreciation of the building, and the expenses, and mortgage interest off of your taxes, you can dramatically reduce the taxes you pay every year just by owning a building.

The banks will loan you most of the money you need to buy real estate, let’s try asking a bank to loan us money because we heard of a great new stock tip. Not happening.

With real estate you can make your building be more valuable with sweat equity, with a stock, there is almost nothing you can do to increase its value.

In real estate, you do not even have to sell your property to get the money out of it, like you are familiar with you can always put up equity as a line of credit or re-financing your mortgage. With stocks you are forced to sell and pay capital gains.

With real estate, they are not making any more land, as population continues to rise, most of real estate in specific places will continue to rise.

As the economy gets worse and more people lose their home, and as the depression come, there will be more renters, and renting demand is increasing and the price to purchase a home is going up.

Welcome Cody – The Siberian Husky

My parents and I just picked up a new dog today. We got a Siberian husky, I’d always wanted a Siberian husky, our old dog molly passed away about 2 months ago now. Isn’t he awesome, his name is Cody and is three years old, we were lucky to get him, as there were many holds on him, but everyone else sorta missed up for whatever reason. We is strong, maybe he can help me program my web 2.0 project, teaching him php has been difficult so far.

Siberian Husky



Siberian Husky

When the idea is hot, take action, action pronto, action immediately!

Well as I was taking a break from programming, I had an idea that I will pursue.

Whenever you have an inspired action, thought, or idea, you should take immediate action towards it.  As Anthony Robbins says, before you leave with a great idea, start the task immediately, just take ONE step towards doing what you want to do.  Do not leave the idea without taking some sort of ACTION towards achieving it once you had the idea.  Take ONE ACTION towards the idea before you leave the scene.

So of course, I took action immediately on the first step towards the idea. 

The idea was to start writing up another book, but only so because I feel I have found a title worth writing about, and have an interest in doing it.  I have though about this book for several months now, and it finally hit me, if I had a book by the title I just thought of, it would well, imho be a best seller.

The book I was previously writing was about the law of association, and how you become like the combined average of the five (5) most people you associate with the most.  I was writing that book, I had 50 pages done, until my computer crashed, and I literally lost the entire book.  I later never started it back-up for lack of enthusiasm about the topic, and doubt that it would not be that successful of a book in itself.

When you are thinking about starting a long-term project, like a book it sure takes alot of work.  One philosophy to making the work seem easier is breaking it down.  If you had to write a whole book of 100 pages.  You could break it down, and write one page a day.  One page a day to difficult, how about one paragraph a day, every day.  The key is every day, and only do what you are suppose to do in a day, don’t go past, what we want is not a sprint acouple days, but a continual steady slow disciplined progress towards completing the task.

You could even do one sentence a day, and after a while you have a book written. (One sentence a day, thats pretty easy.)

When the idea is hot, take action, pronto, action, immediate!

I’m going to be starting my one-page a day again, on my new title, this should be good.  I will not be disclosing the information about the book until it is ready, this one I’m going to go through with certainly, my gut feeling is in this one. 

When the idea is hot, take action, action pronto, action immediate!

Caculating Networth

If focused on building your asset base, it is good to know where you are upon your journey.  A good way you may consider tracking your progress is by creating a simple personal net worth statement. 

The net worth statement lists all of your assets, and then deducts all of the liabilities you have, you end up with what your total net worth is.  The Millionaire Real Estate Investor book had the concept of reviewing your net worth every week, or every month to make sure it is growing.

What is your net worth, do you know exactly?  Got five minutes, calculate your own net worth, its fun, if your able to try using this excel sheet every month or so, to see how your progress is going.

Go here, and download the free personal balance sheet.  It is a shopping cart setup, but it is a free download,

Just do it.

Best program to download individual songs

If your familiar with p2p sharing, there are some good and some bad. Lately I have been using to find torrents, its great because you can download a ton of files, but they are mostly like WHOLE cds together, or like 100 song batches. I just wanted one.

I was suprirsed to find the best program to find songs for download, individual ones.

Just google it, “[song name] mp3 download”. lol there all over the place on various websites. FYI, you might already know this, I diddn’t.