Unhappy with current situtation, you’ll likely be unhappy in future situtations.

After I’ve begun reading biographies it has been clear, some of the most super successful individuals sort of empty towards the end of their lives.  The house of Morgan, the family who built JP Morgan, to name one in particular is a family of super successful financiers, with amazing success only to feel insecurity, doubt, and emptiness while being one of the richest people in the world.

I think part of the difficulty for some of the super-wealthy is although they might have had extreme amounts of wealth, their “why”, or mission in life in areas other than money might not have been clearly defined, thus leaving a void, an emptiness in their life that was never filled.  No doubt about it they lived a fun, exciting life, and one well worth living, their was absolutely as described by several authors of successful people that something was missing when they got older, a feeling of emptiness with super financial abundance.

Why More is Less.

It is interesting to note that a lot of the time people are feeling unhappy about things they don’t have, whether it is a fancy car, a mate, a body, a lifestyle, friends, finances, a house, debt free, it is normally something out there, things that we don’t have, when we focus on them, tend to make us feel unsatisfied with our current situation.

Now regardless that it can make us feel sad, I still believe it is a good thing to be moving forward and trying to obtain what you want.  But here is what is interesting, come to the point where you obtain what you were looking for, you will immediately want something new, a new experience, a new toy, a new something.

Because it is once you achieved what you have, you have it, it no longer seems so valuable now, because you have it.  Once you reach $10,000/month you’ll tell yourself it is not enough, or I want more.  You’ll shoot for $20,000/month, and say I’m better than that.  My friend makes $50,000/month and is shooting for $100,000.

That is awesome, but if your sad about your current results and only dwelling on future hopes you’ll likely always be in a sadden lifestyle.  I believe that we will typically almost always be wanting more, and it is wanting more that you don’t have can make you unhappy.

So what I’m trying to say is this, there will always be things we haven’t achieved, or obtained yet, we will always want more typically, once we achieve something we want, something else is on our plate.  So this continuous need for more is constant typically, and if your unhappy when you think of what you don’t have, what I’m trying to say is you’ll be unhappy for a long time, because there will always be things you don’t have.

So here is the secret, it is fairly easy.  You can keep wanting what you want, but let us be happy. 

We should be grateful for everything we have, and appreciate the current situation we are in now, and enjoy it.

You could be in a bad relationship gone bad, a business crashed on top of you, debt up to your eye balls.  But you know what, if we can appreciate the discipline of doing the work when we have little, and appreciate what we do have, and not focus on what we don’t have, you can experience happiness. 

All we need to do is look at what we have now, and what we think is good to give us that slight edge of a happier philosophy.  Because it is what you currently have, and then what you will have at any present moment that you should focus on what is good about it, because you have it. 

So instead of hoping and feeling sad, feel grateful for everything you had.  Instead of looking at how much you need to do, or don’t have yet, look at how far you have got to this point, amazing. 

The Paradox of Choice, “why more is less,” explains this principle quite well if you would like to go in depth on the reasoning.

  • interesting that some of the richest people feel so empty. honestly it doesn’t surprise me. i’ll look in the phone book for the donald and tell him to read this.