Lets not try to set appointments with others, and then never go through with it.

One of the great lessons you learn when doing sales for awhile is the attitude that if someone says no to your product or service, in your mind, it’s “great, who’s next.”  In other words, you never dwell on a prospect or someone, you don’t bug people by calling them always and trying to get them to sign up with your service, or product.

Look, it isn’t like I’m special or rich or anything, but lately people have been interested in getting together with me and talking about real estate, making money online, entrepreneurship or whatever.  I say alright, I’m available here, here and here, and then I never hear anything back from the other people. 

If your not serious about learning real estate or whatever lets not get in contact with me showing interest but no serious intention.  It isn’t helping peoples’ image when they don’t follow up with what they are interested in.  Again, I’m not rich or super successful (well I’m in my own mind) but don’t hurt your own image by not following through.

I’m sure if you asked some of the people who I help with real estate, or entrepreneurship most of them would say I’ve been help to them.  I normally provide people with not a to-do list, but helping others understand the philosophy of living good, which is normally read more number one, and associate more with others who are doing what your interested in number two.

When we approach someone to learn something, follow up after they have spent time saying to you when they are available.  I’m not sure of the big education in this post, but a lot of people keep asking me to get together and then never get together, I got better things to do than to tell you when I’m available if your not serious about getting together later.

This isn’t anyone in particular at all, if your in contact with me regularly I’m not talking about us, more so lots of requests lately of new people interested in learning, but thats all they are, interested, but not serious.  You can be interested in being wealthy, but if your just interested in being, you’ll probably be poor. 

So lets get serious when you ask to get together with someone, get together with them, or don’t bother asking.