Did you have big plans this summer?

Are you like most people who had big plans this summer, oh this summer I’m gonna do this this this and this.  Especially related towards business on all the productive things you were going to do.  Well, for most people this isn’t happening, I’ve been told by several people of all the things they are gonna do once they are out of school.

Realitly Check in a month and a half you’ll be back in school, are you where you wanted to be?  Or have you been procrastinating, I’m just here to remind you summer is almost over. 

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  • thanks for the tip wes. i’m back on the ball with bryan-baker.com, and when i’m not trading time for money i’m at milne working on my blog, reading, commenting, etc…

    and eating healthy and exercising of course. a healthy body and mind are requirements for a good entrepreneur. hey i wanted to share a thought here but i’ll blog about it instead. i could use a new post anyway.

  • My big plan???

    Hehehe… maybe I might try to get a new girlfriend..

  • lol paypal2u I was more referring to big plans for businesses, but I guess in general. hah about the gf, hope she doesn’t read this 🙂

  • LOL what’s up with the powered by scribefire at the end of each post? BTW, you finally got the damn comments to work so congo rats! LOL

  • Yah comments!

    Scribefire allows me to write blog posts through firefox although it sux that it just that stupid thing on each of them!

  • Well I wanted to make some serious money and I started this summer with my blog. There are of course ups and downs, but the best thing you can do is set GOALS! I do weekly and monthly goals so I can stay on track of my progress. I’m planning for next summer because I want to take cruises and trips and I want money to not be an object or concern by then! I also want to get a house, so if the big ballers can pull down hundreds of thousands in the span of a few months, then I believe that I can too.

  • Absolutely cooliojones, it sounds like you are on your way with goals and getting closer. That sounds great. It sounds like your in the do-ers group this summer!

  • Nope, still trying to get one, right now I have more than 3 steady girlfriend… hahaha..

    Anyway, my big plan for business is to create a small publication (magazine) targeting on blogging activities in my country. hehehe

  • Wow paypal2u thats actually a fantastic idea, we may want to work on something together, not that. But were creating a product thats targeted towards blogs too, and would have pretty same user base.