Is your network growing or staying the same size?

One of the great things about the internet is it has totally connected people together.  On the last post about the law of association, and how you become like the five most people we associate with the most, we should always be trying to expand our network and associate with more people like ourselves, or people we want to be sort of like.

The point of this post is to help shed some lights on some easy ways to associate with more people, either in person or on the internet.  Its always be good to be aware, know everything you can do.  You’d rather know everything you could do and not do some of it, then to arrive at the end of your life simply not even knowing everyone you could do.

In my personal networks, I always goto networking events, for entrepreneurs, real estate investors and personal development events if I can find them.

Real Estate

For example, I’m associated with the Northwest Real Estate Investment Club, a club of over 200+ real estate investors who meet several times a month, many of the people in this club make a signifcant income.  They also help more people achieve wealth, I already have many potential access to hard money, lenders, a few realtor’s, inspectors, attorneys, foreclosure people, wholesalers, short sellers, fix-er flippers, landlords, you name it.

I’am also attached their their internet email group, they have a Yahoo Group where members can keep each other informed, and tell each other about real estate deals available.  Lots of deals going through our email system every day.  Consider it, being I’m plugged into the real estate market here.

I’m coming across some deals, its not that I’m at the right place at the time time, its that I’am at the right place all of the time.  Thats how you are at the right place a the right time, by always being in the right place all of the time.

If your interested in real estate their is most likely a real estate investor club in your area, if theres not, you may consider starting one.  Become the change you like to see, start it. 


I’m also associated with several entrepreneurship groups, while at Oregon State University we always had an entrepreneur come in and speak about their business, every Thursday.  While everyone was intoxicating themselves with alcohol on Thursday, called thirsty Thursday at OSU, I was studying and associating with successful entrepreneurs. 

When I left the University, I still found more speakers to goto, my buddy Noah Merrit, NowTowns and Roxr Sofware founder introduced me to SpeakerLunch.  A Corvallis lunch-en that featured a successful entrepreneur every month.

Internet Business

I’m also part of a of an internet entrepreneurship group located out of Portland, Or.  They get together on a bi-weekly basis and talk about internet startups, legal issues, raising capital, and everything of the sorts.

Misc Business Networking

Although I haven’t gone lately due to silly reasons, I’m also a-part of the YPOP group, the Young Professionals of Portland, they have over 200+ people at networking events. No formal event, just free food, dress sharp and tons of young professionals to network with.

Internet Networking

Networking on the internet is really easy, if your interest in real estate, find a real estate forum, or chat room.  Find an entrepreneurship forum.  I use to be part of the forum, but rarely go there that much, but there is resources out there.  On facebook I’m apart of the entrepreneurship groups, and so on so forth.


One really great way to associate yourself with successful entrepreneurs, is read books written by them.  I just purchased a biography of John Rockfeller, the richest man in the world in ratio of wealth throughout time still today.  I also purchased books on JP Morgan and the family, Einstien, Buffet, Richard Bransom.  I have lots of books by Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, even the lady on TV suzie orman.  Theses people have poured their hearts into writing, to help others learn, get around theses books, is a quick way to associate yourself with the successful mindset of the writers.

Some Resources:

Its easy, lets just see some simple resources to find stuff:

  • Google – Just search for what your looking for
  • – This site has all types of meet-ups for entrepreneurs and other groups
  • This site is the same as meetup, lots of entrepreneurs meeting up, will you be meeting up?
  • Yahoo Groups – There are tons of Y! groups with mailing lists of successful entrepreneurship groups talking all the time
  • Facebook – Many people don’t know but 80% of my business partners I met strictly through facebook, I typed in “real estate” or “entrepreneurship” as interests and found them.  I’m partners with some of them today.
  • Internet Forums – Find some internet forums/chatrooms with your interests.

It should be pretty self-explanatory.

Get around groups, they are out there.  Guess what, they’d like you to join, and be apart of the group you want to be like.  You can’t hang around Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Einstein, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and those type of people without being somewhat affected in most likely, a positive way.

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  • Yup, every businessman or businesswoman should better get to know any good business communities to join in.

    Networking is a good way either to promote your services or product or to just expanding your knowledge for future needs.

    You might end up taking good partners while network marketing.

  • great wes! right place all the time, and the right state of mind all the time will lead to great things.

  • Great post! The biggest thing people need to do is GET INVOLVED. Don’t just sign up and go to one or two events, DO something! Make some calls. Get on peoples nerves (well, not too much!). Make them remember you AND what you do! Trust me, they will call you again.

    I did a great post on the way to properly network when you go to these events, and it can be found here: