Incredible – My energy has SkyRocketed, I feel the best I ever had, Alkalise

Over the past several weeks, I’ve noticed a decline in my energy.  Although I’ve had energy and eat fairly healthy, my energy was not sufficient.  Something was lacking, I wasn’t sure what it was.  I’d go out an excerise a little and to see if that’d surpse me up, it diddn’t.

What I did not know, is how much acid my body has obtained over the years and years of having an acidic diet.  I’d say 90%+ of the population has an acidic diet.  It comes down to the basic principal of alkalinity and acid, most of us are too acidic in our diets, we have to much acid in our body.  One of the things I pride myself, is when I read the self-help books, and entrepreneur books, I actually do the activities.  Even some of the crazy one, in Think and Grow Rich he mentions doing an excerise every day, writing down your goals in the present, like I have a millionaire dollars, and verballing saying outloud to yourself by looking at yourself in the mirror, in the morning when you wake up, and right before you goto bed.

In the audiotapes if it says to stop right now and do something, I do it, whether its a breathing exercise, a mind exercise, I don’t just read, I apply knowledge.  Some would argue that knowledge is power, I sorta agree, but what I agree most with is, knowledge applied is power. If you found some qualitly information on this blog or anywhere, and you don’t apply it, what good does it serve you?

We gotta be able to take in good ideas, and then have the personal power to actually do the activities.


As I was running around my neighborhood, I have my ipod 30gb, which only contains audiobooks.  I decided to listen to Anthony Robbins, a section on energy, I was low in energy at the time.  During the day I would just loose energy, at the end of the night my head would be extremely tired, I thought it was normal, like I overthinking, or overworked, everyday, just sorta almost crash..

But I heard some great information about this alkalinity and acid, I’ve heard it before, but now i got it.

Many of the industrialist nations are over acidic, almost everything we eat has to much acid in it, lots of meat, lots of sugars, lots of starch, processed foods. The problem is we have to much acid in our bodies, this acid eats away your energy storage.  We are lacking a significant amounts of alkaline in our bodies, alkaline we can achieve by eating vegetables, green foods, basically everything your mom wanted you to eat the green stuff.  Well it makes a difference, ideally with the Acid Alkaline lifestyle of eating it is recommended to be around 80% alkaline/20% everything else, or 70% alkaline/30%.

What happens is most of the food we consume is very acidic and it slowly eats away our storage of energy, as it depletes our energy storage it also attacks our fat storage.  In short, by having an acidic lifestyle you are energy deficient, you are not only using all of your energy up, your depleting your energy storages.  Instead what we should have is incredible energy, and reverses, at the end of the day we should still be strong with energy, yes maybe tired, but enough energy to keep on doing whatever it is you need to do.  You should feel energized throughout the day, if you at all feel sluggish it is probably because your body is overly acidic.

We don’t get what we want in life, we get what we deserve.

The reason I’m feeling fantastic is because I deserve it, I’m building my library, I’m investing $ in self-education, I’ve picked up the audiobooks, I’ve purchase the ipod, I’ve uploaded the songs to my ipod, I’ve listened to them I’ve paid attention, I did what they recommended to do, and you know what I deserve good health and thats what I’m now obtaining.

Its like money, don’t tell me you should be earning more money, when you do nothing to deserve it. You get what you deserve.  You don’t deserve a 6-figure income if you don’t do anything to achieve it, or you don’t pickup a book that teaches you how to earn a 6-figure income, especially when its avaliable at the library, how much is the library card, its free.  3% of the population has a library card, 3%, the rest couldn’t be bothered they rather specialize in happy hour instead.  So you want to deserve good things, a good question to ask is: How can I begin the process of deserving ….. (whatever it is you want).

Feel Great Alkaline DietSo back to energy, currently I’m in the process of doing a complete cleanse, a complete liquid super hydration of green drink for 2-3 days, I’ll try to go 7-10 days.  I’m already having amazing results off of the first day, the goal is not to always be straight liquid diet of an alkaline  and clear my body of all the extra acid my body has acculmated.  I can already think clearer, feel more energetic, just happier in life, and really feel excited that I have found what I have been looking for.

Theres a great phrase in the bible, “If you search, you shall find.” Finding is reversed for the searchers, if you want good ideas you have to go searching, rarely a good idea will find you without searching for it.   So I’m searching, I’m seeking, and I found what I needed, because I became qualified to deserve it.

If you want ultimate energy, and to feel just incredible here is the simple steps to find out this information.

  1. You need a bit-torrent software
  2. Search for Anthony Robbins, or Tony Robbins
  3. Download the program “Get the Edge”
  4. Put the program on your ipod, cd, or if you plan on listening it on a computer thats fine
  5. Fast forward directly to session #6, or disc 6.
  6. Listen for 45-50 minutes
  7. Take action on what is suggested
  8. You’ll deserve to feel great

Before giving any other data or links, but u can find, the 8 step thing i said to get the program and listen to the audio program is the absolute best way currently to really understand.  We need 100% of the information, I’m not an expert, I’m only able to give you 10% of the information, go directly to the source, don’t take my word for it.  But I feel great, will you?  I mean seriously, it’s an insane difference for me personally, it’s so exciting to go searching, and finally to find the answers you’ve been searching for.  Step 1, you ready? Start the download now.

  • Hey Wes

    Great to hear how well you’ve done! I agree entirely with the sentiment of your post – you definitely get what you deserve out of life – especially in the sense of your health and wellbeing. You get out what you put in.

    This was just an awesome post.

    I’d love to hear more about your cleanse because having been through it several times myself I might be able to help! You never know!!!

    Anyway, I would absolutely love to interview you for my blog – because I really think that some of my readers would benefit immensely from your learnings.

    Do you think you would be interested?

    I’m taking it you might have already seen my site from your sneaky pinching of my ‘summer’ picture – heh heh.

    Anyway bud, have a great sunday and let me know if you are interested. I’ve linked my blog from my name up there – take a look and let me know!!!

    Take it easy

  • Hey Wes!

    This article is great! Acid is a killer in our society in reference to our bodies, and we do need to cut that out, along with going back to an organic diet and stop cramming all these preservatives and fillers into us. Only other thing I would say is about downloading the audiobooks via P2P software…I wouldn’t really publicly recommend it to my readers because the authors would frown upon that I know. People may do it if they want, but a ‘blueprint’ could bring some unwelcome attention. But keep it up! Looks like some good stuff on this site.