It’s easy to tell how much you make, lets just look at your friends.

Law of AttractionLaw of Association – “You become like the combined average of the five people who you associate the most with.”

Am I making such an unrealistic suggestion that I can roughly tell how much you earn by looking at your friends? I would argue that by looking at one’s associates it is easy to tell what type of person he/she is, and yes what potential type of income they might have. Is it absolutely true, not necessarily but I’d argue it is a good gauge.

  • If all of your friends work a min wage job, isn’t it a pretty good guesstimate that you work a min wage job.
  • If most of your friends play basketball, isn’t probable that you play basketball too?
  • When all your buddies used to smoke whatever, you’ll probably be smoking right along with them.
  • If all of your friends get straight A’s, I wouldn’t be surprised if your doing fairly well in school
  • If most of your buddies dropped out of school, it’s likely you might too.

You may strongly object this idea that we are like the people we associate with, if you are one to say, “I’m not like my friends.” And maybe thats true, but most of the time, it is easy to tell what a person is like by simple seeing the people around them. And whether you like it or not, your friends are always influencing your decisions for good or bad. We are all affected by our environment, some more then others.

One of the most profound ways to help you achieve your wildest dream, is to associate with, those who have done it before. Get around those who have been where you want to go, who have done what you want to do, who have what you want to get. You can dramatically excell your learning curve by 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, even 30 years potentially by getting around an expert who has already done what you want to do.

What is a friend? The dictionary defines a friend as, “a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.” So you could be 20 and have a friend who’s 60 years old with a child, who does complete opposite work and has complete different hobbies than you. Your not really like your 60 year old friend, I know that.

Law of Association is “You become like the combined average of the five people who you associate with the most.”

I would argue, that you have some similar interests, mindsets as the friends you hang out with the most. And it is the close inner circle who I would argue you are like, or else why would you associate with people so much if you didn’t share the same sort of interests as each other. Maybe your different, but I don’t very often, I will sometimes, but not really engage myself a ton in associating with people who are only interested in going to school, and then getting a safe secure job. Or people who aren’t that motivated in life, are satisfied by working a min wage job.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

You wouldn’t see Bill Gates hanging out with an employee of McDonalds acting as a fry flipper, absolutely not. Bill Gates will associate himself with Steve Jobs, the founders of Google, High-Up executives, people in the tech industry, successful. Just as the McDonalds employee will hang out with other employees that work with him. Junius Morgan, the founder of JS. Morgan and Company, which would later become JP Morgan, one of the largest and most successful financial company in the world, raised a son named Pierpoint Morgan, would would later run the JP Morgan, and company buisness. Junius Morgan knew the power of association with his son, so he made sure his son while growing up was around the peers who were most successful. Now whether you like the idea of a father basically telling his child who most to associate with is right or wrong is not the point, the point is he understood something, he understood the power that association has.

McDoanlds EmployeesIf you were a parent and raised kids, you wouldn’t want them hanging around all the other kids who were doing drugs all day, and dropping out of school. Why, because you’d fear your child who do the same thing. And hey, I’m not dissing on McDonalds, they are a equal opportunity employer. But I would argue that if you know someone working at McDonalds, they probably don’t associate themselves with a lot of people who are reading books on finances, learning how to invest, learning how to become financially indepdent, maybe some of them, but most aren’t.

So I got a chance to meet my buddy Steve Truong‘s friends, we associate a lot now, he is a real estate investor and an internet entrepreneur. Thats why we talk, I don’t think we’d be talking if we didn’t have similar interests, actually, I know we wouldn’t. I thought most of them were just casual friends, well they were, but almost all of them were doing things, particularly real estate. Out of the 7 or so people, 5 of them were real estate investors. One real estate broker agent, one mortgage broker, two house flippers, Steve an investor, a young 17 year old Donald getting into it, and myself, a real estate investor. Once you understand the law of association, you notice things. I said wow, he really does got some people he associates who do the buisness, no wonder he is doing well with real estate, all of his friends are doing it. All of his friends are making money, I know he makes money.

If you get a chance, you can really just sit down, and see if your friends are helping you achieve your goals, or are holding you back. Are your friends going the same direction as you, if there not, get around some who are going where you want to go. If you want to become rich, associate with rich people. If you want to become a professional athletes, associate with professional athletes. If you want to become a straight A student, associate with straight A students, watch them, study them, see what they do, how they do it, when they do it, adopt their very psychology. Want to become a successful real estate investor, get around them. Thats why I goto a real estate investment club, to help someone up, you have to be on higher ground, are the people around you on higher ground who can help you up to where u want to be?

Here are some examples of associations, can you see how each one would affect you, which ones would you like to associate with?

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki

Homeless People

Google Guys (below)

Google Guys

Friends smoke together

YouTube (Chad Hurley and Steve Chen)

YouTube Founders

Workout Partners

Overweight couple (together)

Who are you associating with?

  • Yup, you are what your piers are.

    The more you’ve hang with somebody that rich enough, the more you will become.

    Someone has said to me that if you want to became a businessman, than always think in a businessman perspective views and not an average joe perspective.