Bye Molly

Molly is our family dog, we’ve had her for 15 years, wow. Thats a long time, I remember, ever since the 1st grade we had molly, the black australian shepard mix, who knows what the other mix was, but molly was our molly. Alot of dogs are named Molly.

After 15 years, we had to put molly to sleep, she was very sick, she wouldn’t eat any more, had cancer, and was becoming very weak. She’d look you in the eyes in the last weeks of her life, and just sorta say, I’m not feeling to good.

Although we had alot of fun during the last 15 years, now that she is gone, another individual can experience joy, death and new life are joined together, and the joy of a new begining will normally become after a death of a long journey. So lets turn ugly situtations into bad.

When you get an F on a final, you failed, but your not a failure, “our greatest achievements come after our greatest disapoints.” Hey, you hit rock bottom an F is as low as you can go, you can get Strong, you can get Better, and you can get Wiser. Make a note of those three words, Stronger, Wiser, Better.

All of your failures are good things, opportunities dressed up in disguise. I lost a pet, and lost my neighbor who commited suicide, I’ve practically lost a brother for the last couple of years due to mental illness, and yet, I’m happy for everything that has happened.

Learn to appreciate the challenge of life, learn to appreciate when times get rough. Its the winters of our life.

Here is a good phrase, life and buisness are like the changing seasons. The winters of our life, when everything goes wrong, smash, we call them the winters of our life. Then fall comes, its time to plant, its summer time, your a student, now is the time to plant your seeds of entrepreneurship, and making your spare time productive time, plant those seeds. because here comes spring, and the only people who are harvesting planted seeds in the fall.

God asks, Who is this fool who comes to me with his wants for a harvest when he has planted no seeds.

And then, the winter comes, and wipes out the harvest, and we build again.

So what does this have to do with my dog molly. Its a winter, and right after winter, is fall, and spring, god is a genius. Learn to appreciation the ugliness of life, learn to appreciate failures, learn to plant your seeds, and get through the rough time.

Life and buisness are like the changing seasons, thats the best way to illustrate life.