Trip to San Fran, and Massive Personal Development

I split descion went down to San Fran this weekend to visit the grandparents, they are now 91 years old.  Orignally from China, and moved to america with nothing, they now financially secure, through real estate investing, lots of buildings paid off.  They are chiense, in china they built a statue of my grandmother, or we call her ‘lau lua’ for her contributions as a teacher, and a $1,000,000 donation to the school at their 100th school aniversary in china.

I can’t wait to be able to build our buisnesses, and become financially indepedent so I can see where my hertiage (chiense side) has come from.  One of the reasons is to be able to be free, and experience life.

Although it is fun to be in another city, all I really wanted to do is get back to my office and do some more work.  My buisness partners Marques and Chris are doing very well working on partnerships agreements, and getting things done.  I felt like I wasn’t contributing while I was in San Fran.  So I’am glad to be around the family, every 6 months I see my grandparents, one of the blessings in life to see the family and not have to worry.

While I was down there, I read/heard about 3-4 books.  Amazing, in 3-4 days not bad.

I read, Why We Want You To Be Rich, by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump.

I read, The Weekend Millionaire Investor, by Mike Summey, and Roger Dawson.

I read, ZERO TO ONE MILLION, by Ryan M. Allis (almost done), although I’m not done with the 3rd book, I was listening to many different audio programs too so I got a ton of information.

You may consider reading more, every buisness leader reads, heres a good quote, readers are leaders.  I dare you to find one of the most successfully people who never read, who never associate who never inspire themsleves, or who don’t learn new things every day from people who are more successful than them.  Read more, I promise you, every book you read will get you faster to the things you want.  No I don’t mean the junk, I mean the good stuff.

I just purchased 2 new books: The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, and the Little Red Book of Sales.

Want to be rich? Read a book on becoming rich, its that easy.  Are you reading, if your not, your probably not acheiving the results as quick as you like if your not reading.  You may consider it, $5 book can make u millions.

  • This is so true. I also read alot and listens to audiobooks every day while at the gym or between my home and the office. if you accumulate the information you manage to squeeze in if you read/listens alot it sums up to an impressive sum. Now i just bought 2 books on angel investors and VC. Will be fun and educating to read.