BeaverRent, our Buisness on the Frontpage of the Barometer

My buddy Marques is doing a super fanastic, excellent and incredible job in marketing our buisness.  We were just on the frontpage on the Barometer, this is the 2nd time that one of our buisnesses were on the frontpage of the newspaper.  Last time, and previous in Feb 05, Jingyee, Inc was featured as a buisness in the barometer.

The article is shown below:

So where will you living this summer?

For students staying in Corvallis, the decision must be made. Some may choose an apartment, others a house, and some may be planning to take advantage of opportunities some Oregon State students aren’t aware of. Living arrangements are plentiful, with tools and options to suit almost every need and style.

One option for those sticking around is to take advantage of the countless off-campus houses and apartment complexes scattered around town.

Aside from the numerous bulletin boards found around campus, students have taken to the Internet to find roommates and places to stay through the summer and into fall.

One of the most recent Web establishments to help get the job done is Launched earlier this month by students Marques Alexander and Wesley Mahler, allows students to create a free account and search for roommates, housing and miscellaneous items ranging from carpets to refrigerators to calculators.

Another popular Web site is Facebook Marketplace, which runs through the college social networking site It operates in a similar fashion to, allowing any of its members to post advertisements or contact others searching for what one may have to offer.

In addition to off-campus arrangements, many accommodations are available through the university.

West International House will be open for operation this summer, leasing rooms to students for a weekly fee. The prices are $60.20 for a double, $70.00 for a single, $80.50 for a double as a single (a double room with no roommate), and $88.00 for a meal plan. The meal plan students use over the summer is equivalent to the university Preferred Plan, which provides students with $506 during a regular 10-week term. Single rooms are limited, and applications can be accessed online at the OSU Web site.

“I think living on campus during the summer is a great opportunity,” said junior Melissa Williams, president of the OSU Residence Hall Association. Williams lived on campus last summer and enjoyed the experience.

“You have the ability to walk to all your classes and be eco-friendly,” Williams said. “You are close to where your meals are prepared, and you don’t have to do the dishes. Living on campus gives you the opportunity to meet new people and live in a safe space.”

Several fraternities, such as Lambda Chi, Delta Chi and Delta Upsilon, are leasing rooms to students for the summer. Rooms at the Delta Chi fraternity are open to both men and women and run at $500 for the summer. No Greek affiliation is required.

“It’s a different situation if you haven’t done it before,” said Kyle Waletich, a junior in liberal studies and member of Delta Chi. “It’s like a dorm but nicer. You get a bigger room and meet new people you might not have otherwise met.”

For those returning home for the vacation, the hunt for summer housing does not pose a problem. But for students who choose to remain, a large variety of options are available.

Decisions, decisions.