My New Earth Moving Machine, 1st Deposit and New Company!

So I purchased a new vehicle today, it runs on disel.  I heard if you dig far enough into your soil sometimes you can find treasure.  Which I of course would sell on ebay, so shoot, sounds like a great idea.


I could be a comedian hu! 🙂 Um, because the oil tank was leaking, we had to decomission it and put in a new gas furnance system (was able to negotiate seller covering all costs!!!)  So the guys were out today putting in the gas line, the contractors were putting in the Furnance.

I also was able to open the bank accounts for my new real estate holding company, which is under a single member LLC.  And I was able to receive my first rent deposit today, the guys are moving in on the 5th of june.  Asking $1,625/month for rent, month to month, they pay utilities, except for garbage and I take care of grass.  Mortgage payment is $1,600 a month.

Not bad! I’am not in process of trying to raise some capital and purchase a 4plex for $369k, I need to contact the seller and get things moving.  The goal is to own/co-own three pieces of real estate by January 1st, 2008.