Photos of my new house!


After 2 years of planting seeds, starting in HS I always knew I wanted to get an investment property asap. When I turned 18 I immediately got a credit card, as of last week my credit score was 740 enough to get me a great rate on an investment property. So I planted my seeds, I watered the garden, and now I’m harvesting the fruit.

So here is my house, purchase price $219,000. Appraised for $238,000. YOU MAKE YOUR MONEY WHEN YOU BUY YOUR INVESTMENT PROPERTY. BUYING IT AND ONLY GOING FOR APPRECIATION IS SPECULATION. investors, make money whne the BUY.

I made money when I bought, the property is currently going to break-even, and already put 20k in equity in my pocket. My mortgage payment is $1,600 a month, I just believe I got it potentially rented for $1,625 in the first day of advertising today off craigslist. Anyways here is the photos, I need to continue doing programming for which is blazing onfire, 130 accounts within 2 days. We are exanding to Texas, and Las Vegas, and Eugene now.

Check out the pictures below.