Interesting Experiences From This Blog

I’ve started to have some quite intersting experiences from this blog, at one point I was going to take it down.

One person decided to go through and read my whole entire blog and make me look bad when I was selling my RX-7 a while ago, it had some body damage prior to the sale and he decided to call me a completle fraud with my name which was harmful.  But then I’ve had alot of great experiences, strangely people have contacted me, some out of the country, commenting on my blog, and then some say they read it and thought it was great, others were inspired, some found some interesting information.

I guess I really don’t know whos reading my blog I found out, although there aren’t many comments, someone is reading, its syncing right up with my Facebook account so everyone in my friends’ network can read Wes Mahlers’ rants on entrepreneurship and whatever is going on in my life.  But more good than bad.

It will be interesting to see what happens next with this blog, I don’t plan on making a bunch of money on it like most other blogs, this is just a place for my friends to know what I’m doing, and help other people see someone else on the pathway of choosing freedom over security.

Good News, on Thursday I will own my first home, completly in my name, Wes Mahler, without Co-sign, I had a wooping 740 credit score, I got a credit card the day I turned 18 because in HS I always new I wanted to own a 4plex, I don’t know why that is, but 2 years later after work I can see my plants start to grow.  What seeds are you planting now?