Facebook Classifieds

Facebook will be launching a classifieds sooner than later.  While working on CorvallisClassifieds.net a year ago, I always consider the thought if they will probably do the classifieds.  So it looks like they are moving on it: http://mashable.com/2007/04/18/facebook-classifieds/

For entrpereneurs around college campus’ we will have to be aware of whats happening, and use services to take advantage.  We also need to find our niches and see what we can do to separate ourselves.  There are alot of classifieds sites out for for textbooks, I assume in the thousands, I being one of the many many many I’ve met.  But of course, I dropped it knowing that facebook, and craigslist would arrive, sooner than later.

Not to run away, but to find something else that I can provide more leverage in.  Good for BeaverRent.com however, a local classifieds is not what BeaverRent.com provides, and Facebook will not be able to provide the Corvallis Apartment Database like BeaverRent.com

The value in BeaverRent.com is the fact that we have people we go out there and recruit property management companys onto our system, they use our system, it is not a classifieds, it is a grass-roots go out there and get the properties on the site.  Not just an online classified system, which will not have most of the property mangement companies on there in the first place, or any of the home owners.

Thus, as also, you can also use the Facebook Classifieds system to promote your exisiting, or potential student based, buisness.  The internet world is going to be controlled by a few major companys in the future, is what it seems like, just like corporate america, notice how big giant companys, internet companys keep buying smaller companies, Mircosoft to buy Yahoo, and Yahoo to buy Ebay, all sorts of stuff.  FYI.