Today is a GOOD day, what am I talking about, every day is a GOOD day!

Well today is a GOOD day, like yesterday, and the past days. But whats good about today.

I like to blog and listen to music, for some reason I keep playing the same songs over and over again for like an hour. I haven’t got much sleep the past couple of days, but just been steadily working on my buisness,

We will be showing our first profit this week from one of our, VERY HAPPY CLIENTS. We came in today to see how things were going and they said, “We’ve been getting so busy lately, all theses leads from!” Wow, I guess abunch of girls came in with abunch of beaverrent leads printed out and got some apartments from our clients. They mentioned they have filled 8 VACANCIES WITHIN THE PAST 2 DAYS. Thats VERY good for a property management company, its GOOD for the students, and its GOOD for the city. We have an incredible service that helps students find properties, and property managers fill their vacancies. Its also GOOD for america that we are inspiring entrepreneurship, and its GOOD for Corvallis, OR in generating more buisness for the community.



So bank of america decided to change their loan program on my like 1 week before closing, so I’m now going with a different lender. You know, its difficult to get a loan when you 20 years old and don’t have a steady employement, and your entrepreneurial buisensses in the past showed failure, “which is good because its always a learning process, and I’m doing better now”.

But on thursday, I should finally be an offical real estate investor, I’m now planning on getting a realtor’s lisence, to #1 buy my own houses with, #2 sell my owner houses with, and #3 most importantly, it allows us to get a referral commission from, mutiple streams of leveraged income. Automatic, systematic, duplicatable buisnesses.


We become like the combined averages of the five people we associated with the most. FACT, in my opinion. But its true, and it is, and lately I’ve been harnessing the power, all my friends, I have choosen out of thousands, all entrepreneurs now. Most of my buddies are now making $5,000 a month without jobs, some $30,000+ a month, get around those people. Hey if you think I’m a cool guy, contact me, lets talk, thats one of the cool things about blogging, is you can read other peoples’ stories. Contact me, contact those entrepreneurs, shake those hands.


I hope you are making progress, if your not, and your not happy about not doing what you think you could be doing. Lets no longer do that. Remember that success is a progressive realization of a worthy ideal, in other words, success is doing what you want to do, because you love it, and you are doing a good job at it. Even if its being a gas station attendant.

Today, I was driving out of my house and it took 20 minutes to get on the freeway, which was literally 4 blocks away. People were ANGRY, HONKING, most people loose their emotions, lets not get to emotional angry, angry, mad, jealous are all negative feelings. Instead when you get mad, just ask yourself, “ISN’T THAT INTERESTING.” And turn the situtation from negative to, hmm, thats interesting, and learn from the situtation. Some things fall under the unknown mysterious of the mind, hmm isn’t that interesting? That people are all honking at eachother, and I got a smile on my face in my car thats falling apart and making fun out of not so fun situtations. Hey, getting angry doesn’t solve your problems normally.

Untill next time, oh! one more thing. I’am now raising capital on my first house, I have an investor for $10,000 who will invest, with negotaible terms. This allows me to use more capital at a good negotiated rate, so I can purchase more real estate, OPM other peoples’ money. I can’t wait till I do good with this one deal, then, once you get good at that, I hear you will start getting calls on how to help other people generate an income.

When you help everyone get what they want, you’ll have everything in life you want. SO TRUE.

So start helping others, my buddy I met on the internet on the forums, who lives across the country, I’ve never met him, I’m going to be walking him thru at the age of 17 how to get into a piece of property.

If your not to sure about sharing, read my post on intelligent self-interest.