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BeaverRent, our Buisness on the Frontpage of the Barometer

My buddy Marques is doing a super fanastic, excellent and incredible job in marketing our buisness.  We were just on the frontpage on the Barometer, this is the 2nd time that one of our buisnesses were on the frontpage of the newspaper.  Last time, and previous in Feb 05, Jingyee, Inc was featured as a buisness in the barometer.

The article is shown below:

So where will you living this summer?

For students staying in Corvallis, the decision must be made. Some may choose an apartment, others a house, and some may be planning to take advantage of opportunities some Oregon State students aren’t aware of. Living arrangements are plentiful, with tools and options to suit almost every need and style.

One option for those sticking around is to take advantage of the countless off-campus houses and apartment complexes scattered around town.

Aside from the numerous bulletin boards found around campus, students have taken to the Internet to find roommates and places to stay through the summer and into fall.

One of the most recent Web establishments to help get the job done is Launched earlier this month by students Marques Alexander and Wesley Mahler, allows students to create a free account and search for roommates, housing and miscellaneous items ranging from carpets to refrigerators to calculators.

Another popular Web site is Facebook Marketplace, which runs through the college social networking site It operates in a similar fashion to, allowing any of its members to post advertisements or contact others searching for what one may have to offer.

In addition to off-campus arrangements, many accommodations are available through the university.

West International House will be open for operation this summer, leasing rooms to students for a weekly fee. The prices are $60.20 for a double, $70.00 for a single, $80.50 for a double as a single (a double room with no roommate), and $88.00 for a meal plan. The meal plan students use over the summer is equivalent to the university Preferred Plan, which provides students with $506 during a regular 10-week term. Single rooms are limited, and applications can be accessed online at the OSU Web site.

“I think living on campus during the summer is a great opportunity,” said junior Melissa Williams, president of the OSU Residence Hall Association. Williams lived on campus last summer and enjoyed the experience.

“You have the ability to walk to all your classes and be eco-friendly,” Williams said. “You are close to where your meals are prepared, and you don’t have to do the dishes. Living on campus gives you the opportunity to meet new people and live in a safe space.”

Several fraternities, such as Lambda Chi, Delta Chi and Delta Upsilon, are leasing rooms to students for the summer. Rooms at the Delta Chi fraternity are open to both men and women and run at $500 for the summer. No Greek affiliation is required.

“It’s a different situation if you haven’t done it before,” said Kyle Waletich, a junior in liberal studies and member of Delta Chi. “It’s like a dorm but nicer. You get a bigger room and meet new people you might not have otherwise met.”

For those returning home for the vacation, the hunt for summer housing does not pose a problem. But for students who choose to remain, a large variety of options are available.

Decisions, decisions.

Trip to San Fran, and Massive Personal Development

I split descion went down to San Fran this weekend to visit the grandparents, they are now 91 years old.  Orignally from China, and moved to america with nothing, they now financially secure, through real estate investing, lots of buildings paid off.  They are chiense, in china they built a statue of my grandmother, or we call her ‘lau lua’ for her contributions as a teacher, and a $1,000,000 donation to the school at their 100th school aniversary in china.

I can’t wait to be able to build our buisnesses, and become financially indepedent so I can see where my hertiage (chiense side) has come from.  One of the reasons is to be able to be free, and experience life.

Although it is fun to be in another city, all I really wanted to do is get back to my office and do some more work.  My buisness partners Marques and Chris are doing very well working on partnerships agreements, and getting things done.  I felt like I wasn’t contributing while I was in San Fran.  So I’am glad to be around the family, every 6 months I see my grandparents, one of the blessings in life to see the family and not have to worry.

While I was down there, I read/heard about 3-4 books.  Amazing, in 3-4 days not bad.

I read, Why We Want You To Be Rich, by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump.

I read, The Weekend Millionaire Investor, by Mike Summey, and Roger Dawson.

I read, ZERO TO ONE MILLION, by Ryan M. Allis (almost done), although I’m not done with the 3rd book, I was listening to many different audio programs too so I got a ton of information.

You may consider reading more, every buisness leader reads, heres a good quote, readers are leaders.  I dare you to find one of the most successfully people who never read, who never associate who never inspire themsleves, or who don’t learn new things every day from people who are more successful than them.  Read more, I promise you, every book you read will get you faster to the things you want.  No I don’t mean the junk, I mean the good stuff.

I just purchased 2 new books: The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, and the Little Red Book of Sales.

Want to be rich? Read a book on becoming rich, its that easy.  Are you reading, if your not, your probably not acheiving the results as quick as you like if your not reading.  You may consider it, $5 book can make u millions.

The rich have money — and passion

Just found this article, thought I read it, common theme: Entrepreneurship.

Interviews show that only a minority of the nation’s top 1% inherited their wealth or made it in the stock market. Most said they simply had a dream and were willing to take risks in pursuing it.

By SmartMoney

The old saying is true: The rich are different.

But not only do their values and habits set them apart from the hoi polloi, they’re different from their wealthy predecessors of a generation ago. For those interested in joining their ranks, it helps to understand why.

To enter the nation’s top 1%, you need more than $5 million. And if you get there, you’ll have plenty of newly arrived company: The number of U.S. “pentamillionaires” has quadrupled in the past 10 years, to more than 930,000.

Indeed, 70% of the nation’s big family fortunes are less than 13 years old, according to The Harrison Group, a research and marketing firm. And the people who amassed those fortunes are primarily entrepreneurs — risk takers for whom wealth is a byproduct of pursuing their passion.

What got them to the highest level? It isn’t necessarily stock market savvy: On average, folks who recently hit the $5 million mark report that only 10% of their money came through passive investments. And only 10% of pentamillionaires inherited their wealth.

More than luck involved

One might think that good fortune would play a role, but even luck is largely a matter of one’s own making. Psychologist Richard Wiseman has found that people who describe themselves as lucky share common habits that account for their success: They’re friendly and fond of new experiences, traits that put them on a collision course with new opportunities. In addition, “lucky” folks simply have higher expectations of success — they’re too pigheadedly optimistic to heed the long odds and call it quits.Not to say that getting rich is simply a matter of having a swell attitude. The path to riches usually involves the kind of risk that would make most people feel a little queasy.

Harrison Group head Jim Taylor recently persuaded more than 3,000 pentamillionaires to discuss their paths to success. Perhaps not surprisingly, none of them had a cushy union job down at the Department of Motor Vehicles. The vast majority — 80% — either started their own businesses or worked for small companies that saw explosive growth. Almost all of them made their fortunes in big lump sums after many years of effort.

Surprisingly, today’s very rich say that money itself wasn’t much of a motivator. Once you’ve got food in your belly and a big-screen TV, the mere prospect of more Benjamins isn’t enough to get you leaping out of bed at 5 a.m. Rather, rich folks often make their fortunes after they make up their minds to solve a problem or do something better than it’s been done before.

‘I just loved the work’

When Frank Darras graduated from law school, all he wanted in terms of material wealth was a middle-class life for his wife and kids. But while working as a doctor’s assistant to put himself through school, he developed a burning desire to help the folks he saw struggling with unpaid insurance claims.”It was the David-and-Goliath aspect that attracted me more than anything,” says the Ontario, Calif., attorney. Once he had his degree, Darras was like a cruise missile aimed at the insurance industry. By 1990, Darras had his first million-dollar year, and today he oversees one of the nation’s largest disability- and long-term-care practices. “I never thought I’d make $5 million in two lifetimes,” he says. “I just loved the work.”

Getting rich also requires a certain amount of stubbornness and clarity of purpose. Consultant Joel Kurtzman, who evaluated 350 startups for his book “Startups That Work,” found that successful outlets usually have a team of two or three founders who share a common vision; the success rate for this model was a remarkable 50%.

The odds for solo founders were more like the oft-quoted one in 10, in part because they often found themselves working at cross-purposes with hired guns who see things differently. That’s what 34-year-old Justin Jarvinen learned the hard way. The entrepreneur saw two promising business ventures go down the tubes after he took on partners who tweaked his ideas beyond recognition. But three years ago he started VerveLife, a service that helps companies promote online marketing efforts with free music downloads. Knowing that his success depended on his enthusiasm for bringing the idea to market, he carefully chose partners who supported his vision.

Jarvinen is now the majority shareholder in two dot-coms, and he claims an eight-figure net worth. But what really excites him is his freedom to explore and support new ideas; his current passion is mentoring younger entrepreneurs.

“I’m interested in doing whatever I want, whenever I want,” he says.

Chances are you feel similarly. When people dream of getting rich, it’s about more than nice clothes and fancy vacations. Being rich means freedom: to spend your time as you please, to pursue your real interests and to take chances without courting utter ruin. Paradoxically, the road to riches often means acting as if you already have that freedom.

So why don’t more people take Nike’s advice, and Just do it?  Entrerpeneurship guys, our buisness is growing expotentially right now, you going to wait 1-2 years for a pay raise?  If you are passioante about working a job because its someone that intersets you, I 100% agree with following your bliss, but sometimes people tell me they “have to” work a job, or they are afraid of putting money into a business, they have lives driven on fear.  The Rich do what they are passioante about, rich doesn’t necessarily mean money, more so following your bliss and you will will have a richness and fulfillment in your life.

My New Earth Moving Machine, 1st Deposit and New Company!

So I purchased a new vehicle today, it runs on disel.  I heard if you dig far enough into your soil sometimes you can find treasure.  Which I of course would sell on ebay, so shoot, sounds like a great idea.


I could be a comedian hu! 🙂 Um, because the oil tank was leaking, we had to decomission it and put in a new gas furnance system (was able to negotiate seller covering all costs!!!)  So the guys were out today putting in the gas line, the contractors were putting in the Furnance.

I also was able to open the bank accounts for my new real estate holding company, which is under a single member LLC.  And I was able to receive my first rent deposit today, the guys are moving in on the 5th of june.  Asking $1,625/month for rent, month to month, they pay utilities, except for garbage and I take care of grass.  Mortgage payment is $1,600 a month.

Not bad! I’am not in process of trying to raise some capital and purchase a 4plex for $369k, I need to contact the seller and get things moving.  The goal is to own/co-own three pieces of real estate by January 1st, 2008.


Photos of my new house!


After 2 years of planting seeds, starting in HS I always knew I wanted to get an investment property asap. When I turned 18 I immediately got a credit card, as of last week my credit score was 740 enough to get me a great rate on an investment property. So I planted my seeds, I watered the garden, and now I’m harvesting the fruit.

So here is my house, purchase price $219,000. Appraised for $238,000. YOU MAKE YOUR MONEY WHEN YOU BUY YOUR INVESTMENT PROPERTY. BUYING IT AND ONLY GOING FOR APPRECIATION IS SPECULATION. investors, make money whne the BUY.

I made money when I bought, the property is currently going to break-even, and already put 20k in equity in my pocket. My mortgage payment is $1,600 a month, I just believe I got it potentially rented for $1,625 in the first day of advertising today off craigslist. Anyways here is the photos, I need to continue doing programming for which is blazing onfire, 130 accounts within 2 days. We are exanding to Texas, and Las Vegas, and Eugene now.

Check out the pictures below.

Leverage and Your Financial Future

If you would like to be someday financially indepedent and never have to wory about financial trouble again, the quicker way to do it is using some form of leverage.  You can do it without leverage, but it will take an extremely long time, maybe 30-40 years, saving your money and investing a portion of it every month, every year, and slowly building a nest egg.

Although the above route is best for the non-risk takers, those who would like to achieve more results faster must employ some sort of leverage.  There are many different forms of leverage, the obvious one that comes to most peoples’ mind is money.  We are all well aware of the power of leverage, some people fear it, and other’s abuse it, while some can get rich off it.

Leverage is a double-edged sword, it can help you, or it can dramatically burn you.  Learn the harness the power of leverage.  The simple explain is this, who do you think will get rich faster, someone who saves up $100,000 and then invests it, or someone who borrows $100,000 at 10% interest, and invests it at 20% interest.

Who do you think the bank would want to loan money to, someone who understands the power of leverage, or someone who fears it.  It is so funny to talk to people about credit cards, “Oh I just use cash,” “Oh I don’t need a credit card,” “I want to avoid being in debt.”  Most of theses people fear the use of leverage, the are scared of the use. 

Most of the richests people in the world in real estate are deeply deeply in debt, Good Debt.  I’am now in debt $200,000.  But my debt is good debt, good debt gets you rich, bad debt gets you poor.  I’am using financial leverage in my financial plan, are you.  My $200,000 debt is GOOD DEBT, good DEBT because it is debt that makes you RICH, this debt is being paid off by the mortgage, I’am able to get MASSIVE returns on my orignal investment because of the leverage.

Learn to harness the power of debt leverage, but debt is just one form of leverage.  See the problem is many people use obsolete forms of leverage, I won’t go into it, but as times change, alot of peoples’ strageties haven’t.  I’m talking to people who plan on potentially relying on social security, I’am sorry, but if you plan on relying on social security your basically planning on being poorer after you work for 40 years.  I don’t mean to sound rude, but its the truth, I don’t want to rely on the social security system which looks very bad right now.

What are some other forms of leverage, words, health, an obvious one,  relationships, knowledge..

Words being leveraged, lets take a look at that, you might have seen in my previous pictures of my office, FAST WORDS, let me explain that:

Words have an extreme amount of abilitly to change everything around your while, by changing your words, you change your realitly the way you think, the way everything you do.

So fast words, I use fast words, and only fast words, if you learn to use fast words to, you will by default, get richer faster.  Just because you are using words that help you achieve this. So lets compare:.

Slow word is saving money, a fast word is raising Capital.

Slow word is appreciation, a fast word is Depreciation or “Phantom Cash”

Slow word is high paying job, a fast word is Cashflow

here are some of the fast words I have on my wall:

  • Depreciation
  • Leverage
  • Cashflow
  • Raising Capital
  • Regulation 53d
  • 1031 Tax-deffered Excange
  • World Class
  • Phantom Cash
  • Systematic
  • Mommentum
  • Networks
  • OPT – Other peoples’ time
  • OPM – Other peoples’ money
  • Exit Strategy
  • Duplication
  • Infinite Returns
  • Association
  • DealsFranchising
  • Deals
  • Brand Recognition
  • Resourcefullness
  • Activity
  • Help others
  • Royalties
  • No Money Down
  • Investors
  • Passion
  • Information
  • Distrubtion Channels
  • Viral
  • Gain Control
  • Focus

Learn to use leverage, or lose to others who do.

Interesting Experiences From This Blog

I’ve started to have some quite intersting experiences from this blog, at one point I was going to take it down.

One person decided to go through and read my whole entire blog and make me look bad when I was selling my RX-7 a while ago, it had some body damage prior to the sale and he decided to call me a completle fraud with my name which was harmful.  But then I’ve had alot of great experiences, strangely people have contacted me, some out of the country, commenting on my blog, and then some say they read it and thought it was great, others were inspired, some found some interesting information.

I guess I really don’t know whos reading my blog I found out, although there aren’t many comments, someone is reading, its syncing right up with my Facebook account so everyone in my friends’ network can read Wes Mahlers’ rants on entrepreneurship and whatever is going on in my life.  But more good than bad.

It will be interesting to see what happens next with this blog, I don’t plan on making a bunch of money on it like most other blogs, this is just a place for my friends to know what I’m doing, and help other people see someone else on the pathway of choosing freedom over security.

Good News, on Thursday I will own my first home, completly in my name, Wes Mahler, without Co-sign, I had a wooping 740 credit score, I got a credit card the day I turned 18 because in HS I always new I wanted to own a 4plex, I don’t know why that is, but 2 years later after work I can see my plants start to grow.  What seeds are you planting now?

Facebook Classifieds

Facebook will be launching a classifieds sooner than later.  While working on a year ago, I always consider the thought if they will probably do the classifieds.  So it looks like they are moving on it:

For entrpereneurs around college campus’ we will have to be aware of whats happening, and use services to take advantage.  We also need to find our niches and see what we can do to separate ourselves.  There are alot of classifieds sites out for for textbooks, I assume in the thousands, I being one of the many many many I’ve met.  But of course, I dropped it knowing that facebook, and craigslist would arrive, sooner than later.

Not to run away, but to find something else that I can provide more leverage in.  Good for however, a local classifieds is not what provides, and Facebook will not be able to provide the Corvallis Apartment Database like

The value in is the fact that we have people we go out there and recruit property management companys onto our system, they use our system, it is not a classifieds, it is a grass-roots go out there and get the properties on the site.  Not just an online classified system, which will not have most of the property mangement companies on there in the first place, or any of the home owners.

Thus, as also, you can also use the Facebook Classifieds system to promote your exisiting, or potential student based, buisness.  The internet world is going to be controlled by a few major companys in the future, is what it seems like, just like corporate america, notice how big giant companys, internet companys keep buying smaller companies, Mircosoft to buy Yahoo, and Yahoo to buy Ebay, all sorts of stuff.  FYI.

BeaverRent ^^ UP UP AND ^^ is increasing traffic, we are currently gathering about 10 email accounts right now with relatively low traffic at the momment. We helped a property management company fill eight vacanices in 2 days. We are curring on the move up in the SERPS, Search Engien Results Page. We are now currently #7 for searching for keywords, “Corvallis Apartments.”

We are now receiving traffic from google, and other search engines, let deserving process of good things to come, begin.

This is my vision bank account, and advertising account