Hey What About Your Idea?

So many ideas, so many thoughts, so many opportunities, what to do with them all.  All the abundance around the world is amazing, opportunites underneath challenges.  I’m listening to music right now and writing on my blog that everything is going good.

We are launching  BeaverRent.com, which shows Corvallis Apartment Rentals around Oregon State University. Like normal I’ve been working for months without pay on trying to establish buisnesses.  My problem, my challenge, my opportunity in diguise is staying focus.  I’ve created several different buisness ventures, and all have started to bear fruit after 6 months, and I left them after a good amount of time to pursue something I thought was better.

I do think they are better, and I’m just excited this time, I’m discipling myself to go through with this one, big time, fulll time, I will not be denied attitude, and work untill it works, bootstrap the venture and make it happen.  Things are moving.  So many ideas, hey what about your ideas?  I know your reading this and have had alot.

I use to think ideas were worth alot of money, they aren’t.  Ideas without action is worth nothing.  But faith invested into action to pursue an idea is worthwhile.  My friends have ideas, I have ideas, but most of the time I don’t see people acting on their ideas.  You have alot of ideas, lets write them down.  Writing down ideas clears the mind and allows you to fill your mind with more ideas, freeing space for more ideas.

Lets make it happen, hey what about your idea last year.  I bet you its still good, are you working on it?  Some of you are, but if you aren’t, you may consider get going now.

:), as corny as I sound, I’m in a happy mood. My car today, I was working on it, and now my door drivers’ side door is stuck.  I literally can’t open it any more, I don’t know what happen, I was trying to fix it, but I made it worse. I think the lock-mechancism froze up.  Its bad when you can’t open your drivers’ side door, you work on cars all the time, or use to, and don’t know whats wrong.  Anyways, what am I talking about?  I was thinking well, maybe I should buy another car, an S2000 would be nice, but for $14,000 I can not spend that kind of money any more after reading so many books.  So I may buy a junker car to get around and be a true investor.

I have written above my head, and I will be: Making $10,000 a month by January 1st, 2006.  BeaverRent is a world class company.  I have mutiple streams of leveraged income. I own/co-own 3 real estate buildings. and I have 100% integrity.

Surprisngly, everytime I’ve written goals above my head, and I read them every day. Thats the only way to make your goals work, I’ve done my goals.  I’ve done it three times and have amazing results, I’ve posted goals around my house, in my shower, in my closet, on my hands, in my wallet.  But the best, and the most productive, and most results I’ve seen is from putting your goals, above your head, when you wake up in the morning you see them.  Every day, every night, they become you.  Everytime I’ve done it, it has worked, when I put goals elsewhere, they don’t seem to work that well.  Thats for me.

Hey what about your idea, I’m sure you have some ideas your interested in.  I dare you to put them above your head, when u see them every day, and every night.  Don’t mind what other people think, I have people look at them all the time, and they don’t understand the power of the mind.

Marques and I are going to franchsing our product soon, making it systematic, duplicatable, with distrubtion channels, royalties, leverage. networks, viral, and with an exit stragedy.  Fast Words.

End of my 3am rant in my office. Its April 30th, 2007th.  I’m 20 years old now. My goal was to be financially indepedent before I graduate from college, even though I’m not in college any more that would be aproximately, 22 years old.

You can do it too, just do it.  Don’t know how?  Well the knowledge is out there, people write their stories everyday on how they achieved it.  3% of the population has a library card, do you have one? I have one, the wealth of the world at your finger tips. Lets make it happen guys.