People Calling Me

This has been a good week.  I went over to another city to raise some capital for a real estate investment possibility, it came out with an interesting result.  My old buddy from high school, EL called me, he said “wes I need to make some money, I thought I call you because you know how to make money.” lol, great, even though I’am not making alot of money right now, I’m on the way to and things are moving.

I will be making $10,000/month on January 1st, 2008, passive.

I had some interesting experiences and people contacting me looking for help on their ventures.  I greatly appreciate this reason and look forward to helping everyone I can in reasonable time.  Tommorow I will be talking with a local internet company Peak Internet, because they showed interest in our BeaverRent company which is launching on May 1st.