BrassMedia and Bryan Sims’ WHY

Things are moving, just recently went to several speakers.  One including BrassMedia with Bryan Sims, a very dynamic speaker, young entrepeneur making things happen.  What I appreciated most from his story was his “why” his motivating factor, as Jim Rohn always says, “If your WHY is big enough the HOW doesn’t matter.”  His why, is that if he did not succeed, in building his buisness, that his parents would go into bankruptcy.

Another reason why is WHY is even strong is because there is reason outside of ourselves.  During the world wars, one of our ships sank in the ocean, the men were freezing cold, they were out there for so long.  Some of them survived, many of them passed away.  Although those who survived where helping eachother, and encouraging others to stay alive.  Sometimes hope was lost, for themselves, they would die, and figure they would just give up, it was just thinking of what they were doing in the water, useless.  But others had a different mind, some of the sailors would encourage those who were quesitoning of surviving to think outside of theirselves, who is it that is depending on you at home, who is it that you haven’t met yet that is depending on your survival, what about that person who may not even been born yet.

This motivating factor OUTSIDE of themselves, made it commited, and made their WHY stronger, because people are relying on them.  Bryan Sims’ family was relying on him to succeed or else they would go into bankruptcy.  That WHY is strong, a motivating factor, and I contirbute in my mind to his expolosive growth in the industry.

As another guy said at SpeakerLunch, Chris, he is on a salary, he is comfortable there is at the moment, NO CONSEQUENCE FOR NOT SUCCEEDING, so it is more difficult for him to have expolosive growth, there is no WHY, there is no MOTIVATING FACTOR, or maybe not as much as Bryan Sims’ WHY.

So I encourgage you to figure out WHY you are doing what you are doing, if you do not have a WHY, you can begin on what you would like to achieve in life, what places you want to travel, who do you want to see, who do you want to meet, what is that dream toy you want, and then why do you want that car, why do you want to travel to that spot, why is it that you want to get that color of car, why do you want to meet that person, and keep asking yourself, why you want to do to this, and then why again driving deeper and deeper.

This WHY is a futurist WHY for what you want to achieve, and then you can use it to motivate yourself, that if you don’t succeed, what you want is at risk, your WHY, create a WHY.  Because if the WHY IS LARGE ENOUGH, THE HOW WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF.