Ack! Oil Tank

Well we did our inspections on yesterday, the house was pretty good except for the oil tank.  The oil tank is leaking and it needs to be decommissioned which is going to cost around $2,300.  Um, it may cost more though, it was higher on the levels of fuel in the ground and now its going into a second testing, they potentialy could have to remove the soil which would be around $10,000.00.

I would of course make the seller pay for that in the subject to’s.

Um, but thats just to remove/decommission the first tank.  Then we have to install another one, which is around $2,300 also or put in a gas furnance which is around $4,500-$6,500, plus the piping which would be aorund another $300 or so.

If your purchasing a property with an oil heating system, be sure to get the oil tank TESTED, aprox $150-$200 to test.  Home Inspection was $345.

Ggreeatt!! More negotiating, gota love problems!