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Hey What About Your Idea?

So many ideas, so many thoughts, so many opportunities, what to do with them all.  All the abundance around the world is amazing, opportunites underneath challenges.  I’m listening to music right now and writing on my blog that everything is going good.

We are launching, which shows Corvallis Apartment Rentals around Oregon State University. Like normal I’ve been working for months without pay on trying to establish buisnesses.  My problem, my challenge, my opportunity in diguise is staying focus.  I’ve created several different buisness ventures, and all have started to bear fruit after 6 months, and I left them after a good amount of time to pursue something I thought was better.

I do think they are better, and I’m just excited this time, I’m discipling myself to go through with this one, big time, fulll time, I will not be denied attitude, and work untill it works, bootstrap the venture and make it happen.  Things are moving.  So many ideas, hey what about your ideas?  I know your reading this and have had alot.

I use to think ideas were worth alot of money, they aren’t.  Ideas without action is worth nothing.  But faith invested into action to pursue an idea is worthwhile.  My friends have ideas, I have ideas, but most of the time I don’t see people acting on their ideas.  You have alot of ideas, lets write them down.  Writing down ideas clears the mind and allows you to fill your mind with more ideas, freeing space for more ideas.

Lets make it happen, hey what about your idea last year.  I bet you its still good, are you working on it?  Some of you are, but if you aren’t, you may consider get going now.

:), as corny as I sound, I’m in a happy mood. My car today, I was working on it, and now my door drivers’ side door is stuck.  I literally can’t open it any more, I don’t know what happen, I was trying to fix it, but I made it worse. I think the lock-mechancism froze up.  Its bad when you can’t open your drivers’ side door, you work on cars all the time, or use to, and don’t know whats wrong.  Anyways, what am I talking about?  I was thinking well, maybe I should buy another car, an S2000 would be nice, but for $14,000 I can not spend that kind of money any more after reading so many books.  So I may buy a junker car to get around and be a true investor.

I have written above my head, and I will be: Making $10,000 a month by January 1st, 2006.  BeaverRent is a world class company.  I have mutiple streams of leveraged income. I own/co-own 3 real estate buildings. and I have 100% integrity.

Surprisngly, everytime I’ve written goals above my head, and I read them every day. Thats the only way to make your goals work, I’ve done my goals.  I’ve done it three times and have amazing results, I’ve posted goals around my house, in my shower, in my closet, on my hands, in my wallet.  But the best, and the most productive, and most results I’ve seen is from putting your goals, above your head, when you wake up in the morning you see them.  Every day, every night, they become you.  Everytime I’ve done it, it has worked, when I put goals elsewhere, they don’t seem to work that well.  Thats for me.

Hey what about your idea, I’m sure you have some ideas your interested in.  I dare you to put them above your head, when u see them every day, and every night.  Don’t mind what other people think, I have people look at them all the time, and they don’t understand the power of the mind.

Marques and I are going to franchsing our product soon, making it systematic, duplicatable, with distrubtion channels, royalties, leverage. networks, viral, and with an exit stragedy.  Fast Words.

End of my 3am rant in my office. Its April 30th, 2007th.  I’m 20 years old now. My goal was to be financially indepedent before I graduate from college, even though I’m not in college any more that would be aproximately, 22 years old.

You can do it too, just do it.  Don’t know how?  Well the knowledge is out there, people write their stories everyday on how they achieved it.  3% of the population has a library card, do you have one? I have one, the wealth of the world at your finger tips. Lets make it happen guys.

People Calling Me

This has been a good week.  I went over to another city to raise some capital for a real estate investment possibility, it came out with an interesting result.  My old buddy from high school, EL called me, he said “wes I need to make some money, I thought I call you because you know how to make money.” lol, great, even though I’am not making alot of money right now, I’m on the way to and things are moving.

I will be making $10,000/month on January 1st, 2008, passive.

I had some interesting experiences and people contacting me looking for help on their ventures.  I greatly appreciate this reason and look forward to helping everyone I can in reasonable time.  Tommorow I will be talking with a local internet company Peak Internet, because they showed interest in our BeaverRent company which is launching on May 1st.

BrassMedia and Bryan Sims’ WHY

Things are moving, just recently went to several speakers.  One including BrassMedia with Bryan Sims, a very dynamic speaker, young entrepeneur making things happen.  What I appreciated most from his story was his “why” his motivating factor, as Jim Rohn always says, “If your WHY is big enough the HOW doesn’t matter.”  His why, is that if he did not succeed, in building his buisness, that his parents would go into bankruptcy.

Another reason why is WHY is even strong is because there is reason outside of ourselves.  During the world wars, one of our ships sank in the ocean, the men were freezing cold, they were out there for so long.  Some of them survived, many of them passed away.  Although those who survived where helping eachother, and encouraging others to stay alive.  Sometimes hope was lost, for themselves, they would die, and figure they would just give up, it was just thinking of what they were doing in the water, useless.  But others had a different mind, some of the sailors would encourage those who were quesitoning of surviving to think outside of theirselves, who is it that is depending on you at home, who is it that you haven’t met yet that is depending on your survival, what about that person who may not even been born yet.

This motivating factor OUTSIDE of themselves, made it commited, and made their WHY stronger, because people are relying on them.  Bryan Sims’ family was relying on him to succeed or else they would go into bankruptcy.  That WHY is strong, a motivating factor, and I contirbute in my mind to his expolosive growth in the industry.

As another guy said at SpeakerLunch, Chris, he is on a salary, he is comfortable there is at the moment, NO CONSEQUENCE FOR NOT SUCCEEDING, so it is more difficult for him to have expolosive growth, there is no WHY, there is no MOTIVATING FACTOR, or maybe not as much as Bryan Sims’ WHY.

So I encourgage you to figure out WHY you are doing what you are doing, if you do not have a WHY, you can begin on what you would like to achieve in life, what places you want to travel, who do you want to see, who do you want to meet, what is that dream toy you want, and then why do you want that car, why do you want to travel to that spot, why is it that you want to get that color of car, why do you want to meet that person, and keep asking yourself, why you want to do to this, and then why again driving deeper and deeper.

This WHY is a futurist WHY for what you want to achieve, and then you can use it to motivate yourself, that if you don’t succeed, what you want is at risk, your WHY, create a WHY.  Because if the WHY IS LARGE ENOUGH, THE HOW WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF.

Full time entrepeneurship.

I’ve been working non-stop this week, and every week and finally we are starting to move on several things.

My good friend Marques Alexander has really surprised me, I’m very impress with my buisness partner marques who has taken the iniative without ask, and pro-actively building the company, which is going to launch for students soon.  We are out making sales, and presentations to property management companies.

We actually had a chance to talk with the President of Sterling Property Management in Corvallis, one of the largest, if not the largest property management companies in corvallis, we just might be striking a deal. So we are gratiful for their time that they spent with us, it has been great.  Website is still always in developing, merger with other local student site is going as planned, and we received our filings from the state this week, so next week we are able to open our our LLC’s bank account either at US BANK or WASHINGTON MUTUAL because they do not charge fees for their buisness checking accounts.

BW ONLINE INCORPORATED, is moving also, we just finished opening up our bank account with US BANK, with a $300 deposit and we applied for a line of credit from CHASE bank, if all goes well we should be profitable within about 3-4 months.  It’ll be interesting to see how this company does, this one isn’t to make a fortune just some very passive, residual and leveraging interest income profit, like a bakn does.

JINGYEE, INC is doing good, website is still generating revenue it is grossing about $500-600/month passive, without working on it.  My buddy Chris Conkling is doing good right now and we are developing a new site, he is the wrtier currently and I’ll be the webmaster, we hope to expand the rotary engine scene, and create some more websites linked together with similiar themes to create passive income.

WHATEVER I WANT TO NAME IT LLC, is going to be the real estate holding company for my new 5bedroom/2bath house located in NE Portland, OR. That will be an income property.  We are currently dealing with the oil tank situation right now, it it possing some problems and delaying closing, but after it is all said and done we should be in there by the 30th of this month, or next month on the 30th.  If I’m projecting correct, modestly, the house even as it is right now is creating aproximately $2,000 a month passively in equity.

I’m reading Ryan Allis’ book ZERO TO ONE MILLION , it is quite impressive to see another entrepenuers story right there in a book at a similiar age level, he is about 2 years older than me, although he is further along than me of course even at his current age level, its nice to know that I’m on a similiar pathway, thinking and mindset as he appears in his book, IMHO.

I plan on going back to Central Catholic HS, I did it once last year 2x to speak to the entrepeneurship class there, that has been great.  I plan on going to Grant HS, and Central Catholic HS, to donate time and try to help high-schoolers learn entrepreneurship and help them get started, those who are aspiring buisness owners, to get going, and help others.

I just re-organized my home office, I purchase a new laptop for $600, WideScreen 1.73ghz, 1gb ram, 100gb harddrive, all that stuff, strictly for accounting.  With the 4 companies, its going to be difficult managing finances.  I also purchased two backup harddrives, because as Ryan Allis says in his book, you’ll lose your stuff once and realize you need backups, well last time my backup hard-drive failed, so I purchased TWO.  If two break I’ll be damneD! but they better not!

I should be in line to make at least $5,000 a month PASSIVE by the end of this year, I’d like to do $10,000 and just haven’t quite figured out how yet, how I’ll do that, I’ve been making some plans, but at least $5,000, sounds like I need more planning to do.

Northwest Real Estate Investment Club

Last Developments:

Officially closing on my house on the 30th this month right now, got favorable terms with the seller. They are compensating me for the oil tank problem, on the 30th I have begun my journey, learning curve to maximize the power of leverage.

I’am borrowing 180k from the bank.

Question? Who do you think will make more money faster, someone who is trying to save 180k to invest, or someone like me who borrows it right now and invests it.  The person who knows how to use debt leverage to his or her advantage has a signifanct advantage of someone who does now know how to harness the power of leverage.  It’d take someone AWHILE to save 180k, while by that time I’ll be done, financially indepedent.

Got a buddy who is going to help me develop my engine sites for me, +1 leverage.

I also joined the Nprthwest Real Estate Invesment Club, this is my new education, learning how to invest into real estate.  I goto theses things with like 40-200 people, who network, talk buisness teach real estate investing, and learn abunch, teleconference calls.

I’m the youngest one in there by what I can tell, by at least 11+ years, and I have asked around.  They say, “Looks like you just got out of high-school.” Gota love it! 

My buddy BidProdigy online is killing me though he is now making 35,000$/month, my gosh.

Ack! Oil Tank

Well we did our inspections on yesterday, the house was pretty good except for the oil tank.  The oil tank is leaking and it needs to be decommissioned which is going to cost around $2,300.  Um, it may cost more though, it was higher on the levels of fuel in the ground and now its going into a second testing, they potentialy could have to remove the soil which would be around $10,000.00.

I would of course make the seller pay for that in the subject to’s.

Um, but thats just to remove/decommission the first tank.  Then we have to install another one, which is around $2,300 also or put in a gas furnance which is around $4,500-$6,500, plus the piping which would be aorund another $300 or so.

If your purchasing a property with an oil heating system, be sure to get the oil tank TESTED, aprox $150-$200 to test.  Home Inspection was $345.

Ggreeatt!! More negotiating, gota love problems!

Freedom or Security?

I finished my last couple days at the RISE Conference, an incredible resource for Finance Majors, of course thats not me, but for anyone interested in the world of stock investing, the economy, life, real estate and much more.  It was interesting to see.

It was not really my crowd, everyone is interested in working for other companies, managing stocks, portfolios, analyzing securities, stuff I’am not particuarlly interested in.  The common theme was, what is your dream job.  Of course, I don’t have a dream job, dream is sort of a weak work, dream is dreaming, a goal is a written determination to accomplish something.

Here is what I’d like to ask, is what you want freedom or security.

Security is working at a job where you have an expected pay check, there is not much fear here, not much uncertainly, your destiny is decided by you, and the company you work for.  That is what most people want.

But freedom is doing what you are passionate about.  There were so many people at the RISE Confernence students, who want to work for other people.  That is fine, but there is a few select group of people who were interested in starting buisnesses, dreamed of being a buisness owner, but AS STUDENTS, SOCIETY HAS ALREADY CONDITIONED THEM TO THINK ITS RISKY, AND THAT THEY ARE NOT READY YET TO DO A BUISNESS, ITS TO HARD, AND THEY WOULD RATHER WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE BECAUSE IT IS MORE SECURE.

Theses people are GIVING up their FREEDOM 40hrs + A WEEK TO DO SOMETHING THEY originally DID NOT WANT TO DO, but are AFRAID OF BEING INSECURE, AFRAID OF TAKING RISKS, AFRAID OF DOING SOMETHING SOCIETY DOESN’T RECOMMEND, SCARED OF FOLLOWING THEIR BLISS.  Its really quite SAD infact, I’m just listening and learning to other people.  Don’t go get a job because other people think you should, or you think you need to.


Freedom or Security.  WHAT WILL YOU CHOOSE.

I’m choosing the path of freedom, I’m following my bliss.  I’m working on building my asset base.  I know what I want to do, and I’m doing it, I don’t let other people tell me to get a job because most people get a job.  Don’t listen to peoples’ CRITISCSM.


My uncle makes a good amount of money as a stock broker, and he thinks I should finish college so I can get a job.  Well, hey, thats great but I’m NOT LOOKING FOR A JOB, its a different thing, you cannot really honestly take advice from people who don’t do what you do.