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Backup Harddrives

What a joke!

Sometimes, I think you’ll agree with me all of this technological stuff is awesome but it just breaks. This is a rant but I purchase a backup harddrive for all my pictures. And my book, I spent a couple months writing a book I have 40-45 pages of a book, pretty much completly written. I did not find my passion to continue with it and found my topic beated to death. But anyways all on this backup harddrive, with my pictures from years ago.

Well of course, the back up harddrive has got to crash. Although it looks like I might be able to restore it, this is crazy. It seems all the time, I’m loosing my history, my pictures taken years ago. Harddrives crash, and windows crashes, and you always got to reboot. The search feature on my computer like isn’t even working right now.

Sometimes, I don’t understand how theses pieces of technology, are quite frankly very very unstable and unreliable. I’am from now going to store my important data with my host, who better not loose it and they have all types of backups I’m sure.

Although I’ve been a PC user for quite some time now all of my life. My next computer is going to be an apple, to see the reliability issue. I’m sorry but having to have a fresh new boot of windows every year because it gets all jumbled and messed up is unacceptable. And backup harddrives, it looks like you need a backup harddrive for your backup harddrives. Comon.

I honestly think that the more technology changes, Richard D Parson, says the more things stay the same. Technology advances faster than humans can adapt the technology normally. If there is a way to desimply things, make it an idea less rely on technology sometimes it can be a good thing I’d think. I don’t know where I’m going with this, I just know, that none of this information we store on our computer really lasts, unless its backup x3 times.

Don’t buy a MAXTOR harddrive I should probably say now too.  I might be loosing almost 200GB! of 2 years of history of projects, pictures, my book, and all sorts of stuff because. Yes I diddn’t back it up, well I did, but I diddn’t backup the backup. I know you’ve had probably problems with loosing stuff, this is just a rant, but just wow!

Communications Off

For me personally, I’ve really started to understand the message of what Donald Trump had to say.


And plain and simple I’ve taken that to heart, if your an entrepreneur I’m sure you’ve goten to the point you have so many buisness ideas and buisnesses going on.  I’ve been there at that point, and although it sounds cool, oh I like like 4 buisness projects.  That isn’t exciting to me any more, because how many of those are producing cashflow and are systematic.  Its not how many your working on, its how many are working for you.

So I’m just focusing, its difficult for me to gain mommentum in my buisness when I have 40 hours of week of school, thats a full time job.  You feel me, focus, momentum, thats why I’m getting alot done that I normally would not be able to do at school.  Focus, and momentum try it.  If you have two buisnesses, you probably have to many.  If you have 4 serious long-term prokects, to be frank, you are out of focus that is to many.  You will not have momentum enough to get any of them done as they should be.

Get raid of mutiple buisnesses at the same time, and focus on one at a time.  When you say YES to something, you are SAYING NO, To something else.

I had to say NO to my cellphone this weekend, so I could say YES to working.

Whats New

On Friday we shot 2 more videos on the rotary engines for my website.

Today, I have been programming for the past 13 hours.  It took me 10 hours to learn AJAX, and I’m still learning, 10 hours to learn how to develop a little digg like feature, which allows you to do actions without having to refresh the screen

I’ve had alot more people recommend me going to school, and then once the buisness starts picking up, then to leave.  Again, I appreciate that people are just looking for my best interests, although my mission is to create a web 2.0 buisness, develop it, sell it, invest the money into real estate, and create personal development schools/seminiars for those who could need help.   And thats what I’m going to do, and thats what I’m going to focus on.

People really think for some reason that my buisnesses are going to fail, and then how am I going to get a job.  Common.   Well no anger here, they just don’t understand.  I would have 3 more years, at 40 hours a week to do school.

But I’m going to spend 3 years, full time 80 hours a week developing a buisness.  Can you imagine the difference?  We’ll find out I guess, but its not like I’m not going to class, and just sitting at home all day.  I put in 10-16 hours a day, every day working ON my buisness, creating a SYSTEM that will work with or without me.

Enough with the rant, its 5:30am, and I’m going to keep going.  Keep going, wes, keep going.

Here is how I make money while I sleep

rebuilding_rotary_engineads.jpgWell if you were wondering how exactly I generate income through the web, I will show you.  What the following is isn’t anything crazy, but it is a solid asset that I have been trying to build since Sept 06, so we are 5 months into the buisness project.

Each week I drive down to Portland, every Thursday.  Yea I know, on Thirsty Thursdays I have a video shooting, we do video online production.  We film videos on how to rebuild the rotary engiens.  The video production buisness sounds cooler than it really is, although it is kind of cool.  I use to work at Pineapple Racing, we rebuild rotary engine motors, which are only in a few select Mazda Sport Cars, specifically the “RX” series, like RX-7, and the new RX-8.

So each week I get in my car, and we create theses little assets, it is good for the shop because it increases their branding.  It is good for me because it provides me with another asset.


Anyways because I was introduced to passive income when I was in high school with my first website,, it basically changed my whole entire focus in life, literally to want to build websites that will spit off cashflow whether or not I’am working.  Buidling online assets.

The cashflow you see on the right is the residual income it makes on a daily basis.  The site gets around 200 unique visitors a day with about 800 page views a day, again, not anything spectacular.  For the month of Feb 06, it generated an extra $76.00.  So you say, well great Wes, thats not much money.  Hey, I could stop right now and collect $76 checks every month, it adds up.

If you want to get rich, it is pretty simple.  Focus your energy on buisnesses and income that is passive, or portfolio income.  The worst income to create is earned income, that is going to a job.  Why? Well if your not sure, honestly, you better figure it out there is to many reasons to list because if you don’t know, you do not even know what you are missing.  I will only work on income that will create passive or portfolio income, that is simply why I refuse to work a job.  There is no leverage there, when you work a job you must make someone else rich. Plan and simple, you are the one getting leveraged.

So after that tangent, we film theses every week this is one of my websites I have.  It takes about 2 hours to drive up to Portland, acouple hours to shoot, and then an hour or two to edit the video and post it online.  Then of course we have the website This revenue is from the Google Adsense, it brings in about $2.58/day on average this Feb.
So this is just to show you one of the ideas I have.  Although here is the trouble, although the more I read and learn I start to realize.  While this is good, it isn’t really that great.  The problem with this, is its great, its residual, but there is no explosive growth, it is kind of boring.  That is why I’am developing the web 2.0 project.  See, on a site like this there is really no leverage.  There is no leverage, the rich get richer by leveraging other peoples resources, money, time, networks.  See at a job, you are being leveraged.  This site is sort of leveraged, you do it once and its good, but it won’t get you rich.

Anyways, that is it for now, if you were interested that is how I make money while I sleep.  Not that much, but its growing every day, and soon to start growing exponentially after this Web 2.0 project, which has over 500 hours invested into it, and 500 hours more invested into it (can you imagine, launching your own project that you put over 1,000 hours into it), thats what I’m talking about!

Here are the stats from, nothing spectacular. But what if we had like 20 of them? This wasn’t easy to create, building solid assets is challenging, takes stuff you don’t learn in the class room, you gota use your mind, you have to create assets for yourself.  Real Estate, Royalities, Passive Commisions, Buisness, Residuals.
If you don’t know what a residual is, well, that is what you want.  Residual payments are geting paid, over, over, and over, and over, did I mention over again, and continue to get paid, for doing one thing, one time.
Is what you are doing going to result in residual income? If not, you may consider now that you know the difference.