This is the time to make it happen

So the school is shutting down pretty much. Everyone is going to break, some people are going to party, while some of us are going to work.  Most people gain mommentum towards their goals in their free time.

My buddy Stephen with just bought 3 houses, and he is putting together a team of buisness partners and launching an online site this break.  My buddy marques is starting a buisness in corvallis and making stuff happen, my buddy bryan is out for surgrey but just filed a company BW Online, Inc and he is going to be rocking here soon right after his surgey is done.  And I’m working programming, and now potentially lcosing on a house pretty soon from the offers I made in the past.

So whats your plans this break, we have 7 days.  Lets make something happen and 7 days is alot of time.  Alot of people will be ‘Taking it easy’, ‘going to hang out’, ‘relaxing’.  I guess, but is that what you want?

Spring Break, we can tell what you are up to by ur spring break plans! Lets get going.

  • ah shucks, you mispelled my name and on my birthday too =(

    oh wells, lol, no harm done

  • !! opps sry steven !! heh

  • Oh yah. I just got back from Rosarito, Mexico for spring break. It was so much fun. It is really great to get away from the norm and just let go of the ordinary stresses.

    Adam Henningsen