OH man! I’m excited

Wow, just talked to my buddy Cody Willner, hes working too.

I had just had one of my counter offers accepted for a house.  Sreaming good deal, I can’t wait, looks good tommorow I’ll sign the paperwork.  Can’t disclose details on blog any more due to asset protection but I’ll post on here if goes through.

How about $40k ish off original asking price, plus seller pays closing?

  • What do you mean can’t disclose details due to asset protection?! Some of the most successful real estate giants I know disclose all this stuff, along with a complete list of all properties they own or have owned previously whether it’s Donald Trump or a simple Real Estate investor. I honestly don’t think you have anything to worry about, its not like anyone is going to sue you because you found a rocking real estate deal =]

  • I went ahead and decided to report the incident to Google. I figured whether its for better or worse, I would have done the right thing by at least coming forth with it rather than pretending like I didn’t know anything, even if it wasn’t my fault and someone else caused the problem. Hopefully they’ll respond, I heard they’re notorious for ignoring everyone’s email when it comes to stuff like this.

  • Sweet dude. Where are you located? I know lately in a lot of housing markets low counter offers are working, because of the decline in housing prices. I wish I was in the market for buying a house in the next couple months, because it is really cooling off in the west.

  • Lol, good stuff Steven hope all works out well buddy!!!!

    I’m sure htey will you have good intentions, hopefully they perceive the communication the same!!


    I’m located in Portland, OR. So I’am in the WEST, I’am not to familiar with the OVERALL general real estate in the country but some areas within Portland are HOT