Paying for help is expensive

Ohh, when I already lost enough money this year.  In 2006 I was able to generate around $15,000 in gross profits from buisnesses.  Although I spent like $20,000 in expenses.  It really doesn’t matter how much money you make its how much money you keep and how long it keeps working for you.

I just got hit with a $600 bill to pay my accountant to fire my corporations tax returns, ouch.  and Another $200 I think is coming for my personal taxes.  All is well though, a good year of negative returns, making mistakes is setting up a good 2007 year with a strict budget, maximize profits, utilize money in generating more cashflows in different means, and learning how to create a positive cashflow buisness by failing last year.

  • Sheeeeeit.

  • Let me know how this turns out when we go to the bank on Monday. Maybe this entrepreneurial adventure will be the key!

  • How about restructuring to a LLC, or something less complex for tax purposes? Might save you admin overhead.

  • No deposit from Prosper yet…so I can’t confirm.