This is why you want to be in Silicon Valley for web companies

My uncle sent me this article,

You don’t have to read the whole thing it is so amazing. I knew it was good down there, but not this good. You goto theses coffe shops and there are like 20-50 people with laptops programming, startup theses internet startups letft and right. I can’t wait to get down there, skim through that and you will be amazed. This is crazy web 2.0, that is the place to be.


Although I’m ging to be switching my plan alittle bit, so I can go down there with some momentum. I’m going to go down there but tweaked my plan.

Instead of going down there immediately, I’am going to get this real estate internet buisness for Corvallis established that should take 1-2 months, in meanwhile I’m going to purchase an investment property in N Portland. So I have an equity producing machine.

N portland appreciated 16% last year, that means if I had a 300k proeprty, I would have made 45k off appreciation alone. I can’t miss this.

I appreciate the input from my friends and I like the idea, exhaust all of the resources where you are currently and then move to the next destination. In otherwords, there are opportunities all around us, I’m going to take what I can, do what I can, get the real estate transactions going, so if my internet buisnesses fail crash and burn, which I’m sure some will, I will have a real estate buisness steadily growing on the side of everything.

I do this, get the property, get the company down in corvallis established which I haven’t mentioned on here yet, focus on that, then go down to San Fran with some serious entrepreneurship momentum, and then rock it down there with the web 2.0 project. I’am still working on it, but putting it on a quick hold for this week and focusing on the real estate buisness, and real estate purchase.

Although I’m going downt o san fran this week, and going to talk to the family down there, and plant that seed. So San Fran 6 months to a 1 year, did you look at this article:

I can’t miss out on that, but I’d like to already have some 2 etablsiehd websites, and a real estate producing equity propert,y and then go down there, I’ll have an edge, momentum, focus, and really blow it up down there.


Theses guys above got mommentum, this will be us!  Come down there rocking, and make it happen, alot of compeition down there, and lets blow them away, do what they aren’t doing.  Have access to more resources up here, take advantage of that learn the process of using up what you can, and take it down there, and really blow it up.I’m excited too beacuse the web 2.0 company I’m developing is basically a system which allows theses guys to get help from one antoher!! Wow.

  • Dang Wes…you’re really passionante about what you do. Inspirationally passionate. 16% last year in N. Portland? That’s right where both of us live.
    I can’t wait to hear how your real estate pursuits succeed! Phew, I’m tired. Better get to work since this assignments due in 3 hours.

  • Hey Wes. I you mentioned that your Grandparents live in the Bay Area…does your uncle as well?

    and when was your birthday? Do you know what time too? I’m not a stalker, just curious because a good friend looked up my natal chart (date/time needed) and it says my “entrepreneurial spirit is strong”.

    Not that I need a damn chart to tell me that! And neither do you! Just curious 🙂

  • lol,

    march 23rd, 1987

  • Whatcha up to bro?

    Had the pleasure of listening to a couple more personal development audios from “You Can Do, Be, and Have Anything You Want In Life” DVD.