Blast From The Past – What Happend To Me In HighSchool

This post may be kind of long, and is a reflection on myself and an outlet to share some experiences which has happend to me during high school. But it is interesting what can happend when humans are surronded by good and bad choices which ultimately determine our destinys.

After middle school, with the influence of my good friend Stephen Borda, he suggested I go to Central Catholic High School. I did not know anything about this high school, little did I know it would be one of the best things that could have happend to me as I look back on it now. And I just took that little suggestion and I went and became a student at a prviate high school, which I’am so gratiful for because of what it has done for me. About 75% of the students are on scholarships to pay their $8,000 a year tution.

I left a public schools to start to attend a private school, it was a major turning point in my life. There was such a dramatic difference it was incredible. I’m gratiful I was able to experience both worlds, both the public school system and the private school system which has really made me be able to communicate with a wider arrange of people. See at my public schools there was alot of diversity, a signifcant portion of races, that I became normal in associating with people of other color, whereas in private school there was only about 12-16 African Americas in a school of 800 people. I feel today that alot of people are not good communicators and can not relate with other people of different races because they would rather not surrond themselves with others different them.

Middle School to High School was a transition, most of my friends were going to the public high school in the neighborhood, Grant High School. There is nothing wrong with Grant High School, although for some individuals unless you had the dedicated like my friend Cameron Boehmer, who had a record of good grades, and being on top of things with scholaistics, you would have a trouble finding yourself around that environment grade wise if you did not have the proper work ethic. For grades, I did not have that, my best gpa ever in middle school was my final semeseter of a all B’s, for a solid 3.0, other than that I would regularly get Ds, Fs, Cs, maybe an A or there, and really just not get good grades, to be honest I was just playing to many video games during middle school.

I hit this concept very hard in my book, when explaining how it is that we become the combined average of the five people we associate with the most. What happend, and is happening now is that the slight edge difference between myself and my friends who went to public high school is a dramatic one. Most of my friends I met, went down roads I would hate to go down. Although success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal, in my mind, most of my friends who have dropped out of high school, worked min payment jobs, have an apartment (think they are doing good, because they have that car, with a loan, they pay rent to a landlord, and are making working for money). 90% of my friends went into the direction society would call not a success, and it is really sad to see, that I would have been with them had it not been for a simple change in school.

My freshmen year was a new change for me, on the school days after school I would hang out with my friends from my old public school and we would smoke marijuana. Which you may or may not consider a bad drug, I feel it is bad for me, an I use this do this like every day for a long period of time. Not knowing the consequences, I got in alot of trouble, parents are not happy to see their child abusing drugs. I could not SEE the future that was in hold for me if I continued down that path. But school was going ok, I was struggling with my grades. There was one funny, or maybe not so funny incident that happend during school. After 9/11 when the towers were demolished, fell down, the day after I was in my programming class at Central Catholic.

Well I had gone to Computer Camp, yup thats right! And I learned a trick, how to message everyone on the whole entire network, I can’t even really remember it right now. And this message went to everyone throughout the entire school lol, all the teachers computers, every computer in the WHOLE school. Well we were in class, and I showed everyone this, and we were having a ball sending messages back and forth, and everyone was freaking out. I just knew that little command to do that so, then my friend and I did something stuipid, he said what if I type, “Fuck You” In that system, I said that probably wouldn’t be a good idea, I said what if we write, “We Are Taking Over.” Well after we said we are taking over the all over the computers in school, I was suspended for a day for basically hacking or whatever silly they called it.

What happend as a freshmen, is my brother and I sold a DVD player, and as a freshmen in high school, 14ish years old we got an eBay account under my mom’s name. That would start a path, that would start a journey of becoming an entrepreneur. Because I had a eBay really excelled my entrepreneurship career. I started an eBay store, and soon enough at store I was considered the eBay king, or whatever you want to to call it. I was the goto person to buy something on eBay, or to sell it on eBay, whatever you got I would sell for you.

I became a PowerSeller in highschool, my account kazisdaman on ebay has over 330+ feedback just because of high school. That was a major turning point in my life. I would sell peoples’ stuff, and charge others to get stuff on eBay. I would charge 10% to list something, and just take that out of the final value. What I sold the most of was Nike Shoes, and misc stuff around I could find to sell.

Most of my sales at school came from purchasing stuff on eBay. I would purchase watches, and jewerly walk around school with them, no joke, and try to sell them to students. I was successful at what I did, and I did make the sales, I got out there. Everyone thought my stuff was stolen, but everything was just off eBay. You see those movies, were the guy has all those watches in his coat, that was me. I had a breifcase with watches in it, jewely all kinds of stuff.

I even remember purchasing a wholesale box of laser points, and I sold them for a dollar each. So then everyone at school at a laser point, well the teachers loved that!. Well my entrepreneurship teacher did :).

So I started my eBay store as a freshmen in high school, it diddn’t really take off untill later in my school. As a sophmore I did some sports, Cross Country, and Track (Sprinting) , nothing really exciting there except for some good, and not so good times being exhausted running cross country. In the summer of sophmore year, I started working at Pineapple Racing, a race shop which rebuild rotary engines. I made $7/hour cash under the table, so it was nice to have income.

Whereas most people would go out partying every week, I found myself, working on my car instead, I distracted myself from getting into more trouble with my car. Of course this whole time I was still under the influence of weed, which was not helping me. I was still hanging out with my buddies from middle school and the path was slowly and surely growing between us. No body really knows this at my high school, but as a sophmore I was arrested for going into Fry’s Electornics, for trying to steal some car stereo speakers for my friend. I do not say this because I’am proud about it, matter of fact I’m ashamed of it, and have done some things to retribute myself, I more say this because, I’ve been arrested and did drugs, I never drank alcohol, to show that I’m human too, and that I’ve been in trouble, and I’ve been lost confused, and unguided for a large portion of my life like most other people. And that you know that I’m just telling the truth of what happened to me, and I’m sharing my story.
So what really happend, is my junior year, things started to be picked up. Things are strange, it is strange why some things just happend when they do. I got my car broken into, and I had alot of custom installed stereo equipment stolen, subwolfers, decks, amplifiers. And because of that simple stuipid little act of something breaking into my car, and I must say, after having my car broken into twice it is a horrible feeling and that is such a bad feeling to ever put on someone. So with a stolen stereo, and I did not know how to work on electrncis at the time, I learned how to install a cd player, to a whole stereo system, to a whole complete alarm system with remote start-up, automatic door locks, automatic roll down windows, trunk acutators, and the whole deal.

Because of this I had a new skill I could work on cars. So as a sophmore, I started a car stereo buisness in high school. What I would do is purchase everything off ebay, and my garagae was a stereo shop basically I had about a clinet or two a week, mostly random people come in and I would ‘hook up’ there car with whatever they needed. Here is my website of my goods

So that was interesting, I would now walk around school with stereos, and of course everyone though they were stolen. If you saw a half asian kid walking around with 8 stereos in school I guess I would think they were stolen too, but they won’t I would walk around with stereos, amplifiers, batteries all sorts of stuff. I remember I produed myself with walking into school with one new piece of stereo equipment a day. And I would try to sell this stuff, I mean walking around with big amplifiers for car subs, I would walk around and ty to sell them.

I even went as far as one day, I brought a 12v car battery, put it in my backpack and walked around school witha HEAVY ##$ backup, and then I powered up my car stereos with it. So in class, I could power up a Touch Screen Alpine Deck, I even had car stereo speakers so I could show off the whole system, DECK, Speakers with SOUND in class, powered off a car battery in my back pack. And I’d walk around, and again try to sell stuff.

So that went pretty, good my eBay career, the above is my store, then I sort of transitioned out of this. And I’m going to type quicker, this post is becoming longer than I thought, I’am at the point of NO RETURN!

So as a junior I was still doing some drugs, and by this time some of my friends were already starting to drop out of public school.. This was a pretty big turning point in my life, and I started hanging out with less and less of my friends.

As a senior, I finally made a decision after getting caught for the 7th time smoking that I would quite smoking marijuana, and I did, what a wonderful feeling to make a life changing decision and stick with it. I have been smoke free for almost 3 years now. And Although smoke sounds relaly bad I did not do cigaretts, and only smoked on occasion the green stuff, but smoking is smoking.

That right there was really the biggest impact I had on my life. Even my friends from my private school did drugs. Honestly about 95% of the people I know, if not almost 100% of my friends did drugs. HOW are you suppose to get away from this stuff that society puts on US which is what EVERYONE does. It is very hard, it was challenging, it was challenging for me, and it was one of the reasons I believe our school system is failing our kids, there are so many drugs in high school that are destorying peoples’ futures.

But what basically happend as a senior in HS, I finally made a decision to start minding my own buisness. I stopped hanging out with everyone because everyone was doing what I did not want to do. All of my friends, and I do all of my friends, and if your reading this right now I’m sure you can relate to me if you were with me in high school. So I found myself always working on my eBay buisness, and I wasn’t really lonely by myself. One kid, out of 200 in my class, who had a different view than everyone else. It is no wonder that I don’t associate with anyone from my high school now, I don’t really associate with anyone from middle school either. Why would I, they aren’t going down the same path as me.

It has really been a hard time, finding those people who have work ethic, and want to do big things.

This is a long unproof-read rant, and I’m finding myself lost in it at the same but. But basically, I started understanding theses philosophies of life. That I would rather be by myself, than to associate with everyone doing what I thought was wrong. I found myself realizing, that over time, each day, each week, each month, now 3 YEARS of following my bliss, and avoiding the crowds of everyone else, that simple little things over time would make a big difference.

I would always tell myself, that all my friends are out having their fun now. Well, I was trying to build some assets, and in the future, they are going to be the ones going to work, and I’m going to have my fun. And guess how much fun I’m going to have when I’m 25 and financially indepdent when they will be stuck in the rat race for 40-50 years of their lives if not the whole one. “woah wes, that was pretty negative.” I’m just being real, and I’m just stating the fact that most of the people who I choose not to associate with will be in the rat race, struggling with the financial decisions. And not only have I offered an access out to associate in clubs and stuff, they aren’t interested which is fine.

You realize that only about 5% of the population is financially indepedent, that makes basically ALL of your friends, the majority of them, won’t make it to become financially indepedent one day. Were not talking about being rich, just financially indepedent.

So as a senior, I started that slight edge path. Failure is a few simple errors in judgement repeated every single day, Success is a few simple disciplines repeated every single day. There is already a massive different in between my friends and I, I can’t even really talk to them any more, and would not want to anyways, but we don’t speak the same language.

I can’t really put it into words its looking like, but basically basically everyone I was associating with is going down the wrong road in my opinion. And to each his own perspective and opinion.

Then as a senior, working at Pineapple Racing. I purchased a website Rotary Engine, put some ads on there and it started making around $300/month so from that point I wanted to build websites and create passive income from it.

I stopped doing eBay because of this simple fact, and car stereos. Yes you could make money, but it was linear, if I did not make a sale I was not making any money, there was no residuals in there, so I stopped doing eBay, car stereos, working on people’s websites, cars, and everything. And then stepped into the passive income mode.

I never knew what was an entrepreneur till I took a class on like entrepreneurship. THAT DAY, when I went to class and learned what an entrepreneur was, the NAME entrepreneur that I had never heard before, which is what I was trying to do, build a buisness, is WOW, thats me, thats what I like to do. And I decided as a senior in high school to become a successfull entrepreneur and that long story but short, has basically made me where I am today in short.

I forgot to mention as a junior in HS I was selling stuipid drugs, weed, I only did that marijuana stuff, I did that for a month and realized ok, this is stuipid, not worth it, risky, not much money, retarded, get caught, ok wes I quit that real quick.

So after I found out what entrepreneurship is, and how websites can make money. My senior year, I started my first, official on paper company, Jingyee, Inc with cam.

Oh, how I found OSU. I diddn’t really have that good of grades, although they picked up in HS, I ended up with a 3.2 gpa acculmative, after attending the entrepreneurship class. There was a newspaper on the entrepreneurship colleges in OREGON. What a coincidence, its werid how things happen when they do. I saw weatherford, and then THATS where I’m going, to the entrepreneurship program. I only made one application to OSU, and got my one application accepeted.

While I was a senior, I had an idea to create a website, and I did make it.  Which would have everyone’s contact information about eachother so we could keep in touch.  I thought what a great idea that everyone could keep in touch with everyone in the future, I was thinking for buisness, hey if one of my classmates become an attorney, that free advice hu.  So I made a online website, and handed out flyers, and basically collected information from all my class mates, and I made a website which is no longer up where people could keep in touch.

Although this may be a BIG STATEMENT, but I honestly believe, and I diddn’t know it, if Facebook wasn’t already out at the time when I entered school I would have created it.  I say this because I was already doing something similiar with all of my class mates, we would even share homework on our class website forum, just for students, and we were in contact.

I was going to do the same thing for school, I even told my friend Rafael, I said this, I bet you I can get everyone’s phone number in this school, facebook has everyone’s phone numbers pretty much.  I was going to make one of those for OSU a freakin facebook, I diddn’t even know about myspace and facebook at the time, all I can say, is I was developing one of those too but I diddn’t know the others existed.  Interesting hu?

I must say, after 4 years, I found my passion, I’m lucky enough, to avoid the trap of drugs. I stopped associating with everyone I knew practially. And still to this day, Its hard to find people who have values and share similiar passion as me. I still have yet to find my 10 truly good entrepreneur friends, although they are slowly emerging.

And during my senior year, my friend and I would go on to start developing out first web company selling textbooks instead, and we would enter the college years. Which I will share too, which is also quite interesting. Which lead to nextwork marketing, dropping out, traveling being lead on to a multimillion dollar scam, and much more!

  • Steven

    Interesting story. I understand your viewpoint but I can see how others may view things as well. Its great that you found something you’re to passionate about though. Although we tread down a similar path with many similarities, I am sure we’re all heading for our own goals in life. Hopefully I’ll build my own financial independence in the long run my way. In either case, you need to get back to me regarding ‘our’ birthday thing.

  • I’ll read this tonight…too long right now though.

  • Okay so that took a while to read…but I learned a lot about you, your past(which doesn’t mean shit…IMO), and your plans for now and for the furutre(which is all that matters…IMO).

    Very interesting life I must say…

    So you’re still in Portland, I’m in Cow Town… Call me anytime if you get this b/c I’m not going to bed tonight. Yeah alright.

    TTYS buddy.

  • Dude, pretty good read.

    On a quick side note, and don’t take this the wrong way as I am not a “grammar nazi”, but you used a lot of long, run-on sentences which made it somewhat of a bear to read.

  • Bleh…we didn’t get to hang out this weekend, but that’s alright…dead week is pretty, well, dead.

  • Great post. I need to get your phone number so I can call you some time. Later