Blast From The Past (Elementary/Middle School)

I was browsing on the internet on my old friends site back from 2000, I think was around 12 then! Anyways, it was interesting to see the work I did back then and how it has progressed to becoming an individual passionate about entrepreneurship. This is just a self expression about myself growing up, and some of the major influences on my life and really how it made a major difference in who I am today.

Most important thing in middle school would be meeting my best friend, Cameron Boehmer, who is my age. He and I had an interest in computers, in the 3rd grade I had access to a computer and the internet, and it all started from there.Cam and I would later start Jingyee, Inc a company that focused on building a web company that focused around student notes, corvallis classifieds text book exchange, and showing off student works.

Nothing really incredible happend in middle school, I went to a public elementary school, Laurelhurst, and don’t really keep in touch with anyone from there. I got hooked on this game called Ultima Online, a massive mutliplayer online game, the best in my opinion.

Here is a video I made in middle school, one of the several flash productions I did:

Wes Mahler’s First Fighting Video

That went on for several years, in elementary/middle school I thought it would be cool to become a computer programmer. I ended up at a public middle school, Fernwood, where I would meet one of the most influential people that has affected my course of life. Although he does not even know about my blog, and I don’t in touch with him much now, he was from a good family and was very entrepreneurial.He was always coming up with ways, and ideas on how to create income. He was reading books on accounting, rich dad poor dad, the stock market, this is in middle school. He was a very attractive person at the time, not in that way, but attractive in the sense that I’d like to be around someone of that character, someone who was doing stuff out going.

Well he was also interested in computers, and then he and I would start a little buisness together in middle school. It was Yaffice, a web design company. We mainly just made websites in frontpage templates lol, and we had a client with a restaruant, we started to work on the website but I don’t believe we ever finished it. Maybe I was not a good worker at the time, but I don’t remember finishing it. He might of done some more things.

That kind of got me started, meeting an indivudal who was interested in entrepreneurship. I diddn’t even know what the word entrepreneur was untill I was a senior in HS, and little did I know what would happen then.

I will always be gratiful for meeting someone who has had an impact on my life, and I say thank you whenever I get the chance to talk with him over the phone. Although we are not in touch really lately, it has been a blessing to meet someone who got me started.

I was developing flash macromedia graphics at the time, Stephen and I became the teacher’s assistant for the computer class. Cool Hu! We thought so, especially when we put trojan horses on everyones computer, and could open their CD roms, shut down their computers from any computer in the school, and basically mess with everyone, lol. Anyways, thats kind of funny, but true! Stephen showed me that, oh yeah, we also got a password cracker for the teachers’ passwords. At that time in Windows NT, I believe it was you could get all of the passwords, download the encrypted passwords to a datadisc, and bring them home and have a cracker program, basically run through all of the options. a, b, c, … aa, ab, ac, … aaa, aab, etc etc etc. And it’d find the passwords, cool hu!

I don’t think he ever changed his grades but we were pretty close hah. Um, middle school wasn’t a good time for me grade wise, I got around a 1.5 GPA and, 2.0s I got alot of Ds. I ended up finishing middle school with like a 2.0 gpa average, of course that doesn’t matter, although in realitly it does, it set me up for horrible grades in HS. I was kind of a trouble maker, I got suspended 3 times for fighting kids at school, I guess thats normal though.

At the time we were having trouble, my brother was having troubles at public school, and my parents did not want me to goto public school. I look back now, and had I taken the road my brother had gone down, I would be, um, I’am not exactly sure but it wouldn’t be pretty I’d be failing out of school, partying, not being productive, behind on my dreams, and like some of the unfortunate friends have wound up that I’ve associated with.

Although middle school was good, I agree with my English teacher on this one, that high school was the most influential period of my life which would be the major determing factor in where I’am today, and will be in the future.

  • First off…that video is (insert any word here). It made me chuckle 😀

    You’ve gone through a lot that I’ve never known about. We should hang out Thurs. or Fri. if you have time. I will bike over to your place and see it for the first time, we can talk, relax…alright later.