$114 PASSIVE in 6 days!

Cool, so I was just checking my adsense revenue today for my two engine sites. March is looking like a pretty good month so far with an average daily advertising revenue of $19.00 a day, if it continues to go at that rate, that’d be an extra $570 a month passive not that bad.
To my friend Bryan Baker, at first when I showed him this, everyone thinks thats alot. Which to an extent is. In Relationship to what though? Now Bryan and friends are being introduced to the blogosophere and my $570 is looking like pocket change hu? I know I know, its not going to buy me that Yellow Convertible Ferrari F355 F1 Spyder, with the tan interior, navigation with the custom lisecence plate, and vinyl sticker on the back of the ferrari that says you can have be or do anything you want. But its a start!

Adsense for March
After this web 2.0 project is complete, there should be no problem generating $100/day from advertising. The revenue you are seeing is off 1,000 unique visitors a month towards a niched engine site, which devliers contextual ads to people learning about cars. Now just imagine if we had 10 of theses sites, or 1 big one? Good stuff, lets make it happen, that is from like 2 years of work of putting together a site. I don’t even know how many hours into it, probably at least 6 months-full time went into making that happen.
  • Congratulations on the gains. You blacked out the goodies! Haha. I have been checking ISuggestU.com as well…lookin’ good.

    Read the comment on the post below this…I really want to hang out with you. I’m kind of a 1 on 1 person, and we’ve never had a chance to hang out.

  • thanks for a great time with REIC Wes. I learned a lot…really! Whatever life puts in your way, you’ll get through it. I know this because you’re different than anyone I’ve ever met.

    You’re the kind of person I know is in my life for a reason…we’ve got a lot to teach each other.

  • $114 in 6 days without having to do doing any work. I don’t think anyone would knock that back.

  • That is great. Especially off of just 1000 uniques a month.

  • Rob

    Wow Wes, that’s a great income, especially seeing that the bulk of the work has been done. That’s just passive.

    I’m really scratching my head how this much money can be made. I never seem to make more than 1 or 2 dollars a month from Adsense, but then I am new to this.

    Great work. It’s inspiring!

  • Your kidding me. How did you earn so much money through adsense? You must have a pretty big campaign going on to draw that much traffic. I am jealous. Tell us you secret.

    Adam Henningsen

  • Hey adam,

    just have a niche site that is constantly updated to a select few group of new people every week.

    we can talk more if u aim me or email me đŸ™‚