Backup Harddrives

What a joke!

Sometimes, I think you’ll agree with me all of this technological stuff is awesome but it just breaks. This is a rant but I purchase a backup harddrive for all my pictures. And my book, I spent a couple months writing a book I have 40-45 pages of a book, pretty much completly written. I did not find my passion to continue with it and found my topic beated to death. But anyways all on this backup harddrive, with my pictures from years ago.

Well of course, the back up harddrive has got to crash. Although it looks like I might be able to restore it, this is crazy. It seems all the time, I’m loosing my history, my pictures taken years ago. Harddrives crash, and windows crashes, and you always got to reboot. The search feature on my computer like isn’t even working right now.

Sometimes, I don’t understand how theses pieces of technology, are quite frankly very very unstable and unreliable. I’am from now going to store my important data with my host, who better not loose it and they have all types of backups I’m sure.

Although I’ve been a PC user for quite some time now all of my life. My next computer is going to be an apple, to see the reliability issue. I’m sorry but having to have a fresh new boot of windows every year because it gets all jumbled and messed up is unacceptable. And backup harddrives, it looks like you need a backup harddrive for your backup harddrives. Comon.

I honestly think that the more technology changes, Richard D Parson, says the more things stay the same. Technology advances faster than humans can adapt the technology normally. If there is a way to desimply things, make it an idea less rely on technology sometimes it can be a good thing I’d think. I don’t know where I’m going with this, I just know, that none of this information we store on our computer really lasts, unless its backup x3 times.

Don’t buy a MAXTOR harddrive I should probably say now too.  I might be loosing almost 200GB! of 2 years of history of projects, pictures, my book, and all sorts of stuff because. Yes I diddn’t back it up, well I did, but I diddn’t backup the backup. I know you’ve had probably problems with loosing stuff, this is just a rant, but just wow!

  • Good post Wes. Reference to Richard Parsons, CEO of Time Warner, he is a true entrepreneur at his core.

    Sorry about your crazy technology crappin’ out on you. Maybe my next computer will be apple as well…I’ve had to reformat this AMD64 countless times already, and I’ve only had it for around 2 years. Time to upgrade I guess. Haha.

    I’m happpy to be your top commentator!

  • Oh snap! That sucks. I use a Smartdisk FireLite 8G0GB external USB hard drive and it works just fine. I have all of my real estate files and music and such on there. I hope mine doesn’t crash any time soon.

  • 80GB…shieeeeet. Hey Wes…you familiar with AdWords and how it works?

  • Dan

    Dude, don’t go Apple! That’s all I have to say.

    Consider Seagate hard drives, they are rock solid compared to that Maxtor crap.

    Even the cheapest Seagate HD has a 3 year warranty.



  • Steven

    Hey Wes, check this post out and see if I missed anything…

    I think its pretty complete but I could be wrong.

  • Have you thought of trying linux?

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