Whats New

On Friday we shot 2 more videos on the rotary engines for my website.

Today, I have been programming for the past 13 hours.  It took me 10 hours to learn AJAX, and I’m still learning, 10 hours to learn how to develop a little digg like feature, which allows you to do actions without having to refresh the screen

I’ve had alot more people recommend me going to school, and then once the buisness starts picking up, then to leave.  Again, I appreciate that people are just looking for my best interests, although my mission is to create a web 2.0 buisness, develop it, sell it, invest the money into real estate, and create personal development schools/seminiars for those who could need help.   And thats what I’m going to do, and thats what I’m going to focus on.

People really think for some reason that my buisnesses are going to fail, and then how am I going to get a job.  Common.   Well no anger here, they just don’t understand.  I would have 3 more years, at 40 hours a week to do school.

But I’m going to spend 3 years, full time 80 hours a week developing a buisness.  Can you imagine the difference?  We’ll find out I guess, but its not like I’m not going to class, and just sitting at home all day.  I put in 10-16 hours a day, every day working ON my buisness, creating a SYSTEM that will work with or without me.

Enough with the rant, its 5:30am, and I’m going to keep going.  Keep going, wes, keep going.