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I never knew so much about the blogosphere untill my buisness friend I met on, BuisnessProdigy, showed me a blog of an individual by the name of Jon Waraas.  Now however much of a loser Jon Waraas is, (I say loser, because thats basically the themes of his sites.)  He had some interesting information about making money through affiliate programs and arbitarge, a 19 year making I heard around $20,000-$30,000/month.  Little did I know, the community of success driven people was just a click away.

There is a tremendous amount of entrepreneurs on the web that we can network with and talk to, it is always intersting to see what others do.  There is a Donald Trump blog, a blog by Ryan Allias, a 22 yr college drop out who has a 5 million dollar per year company, there is John Chow, some crazy affiliate guy who makes acouple thousand dollars a month of his blog.  And all types of people, a wealth of information, that I never knew about.

So I figured I get started, my personal blog isn’t so much about whats the latest and greatest way to make money, or increases traffic on your site, or that sort of stuff.  It is more just a perosnal out, where I rant, and type without spell check and just flow… from my mind!!!

So I’ve found it an interesting source a way to express ideas, and of course there are good ideas in here, but the main goal is to connect, and let my friends know what is going on.  I helped my friend Steve Ramil start a blog, although he had a couple of posts there hasn’t been anything lately.  Then I helped Marques Alexander get a blog going, but he never got to it.

But then I helped my friend Bryan Baker get a blog going, and he would have goten one already, but no only does he got a blog he has been actively promoting it, and building it.  Now introduced to the whole affiliate, and google adsense environment which may not have been a realitly a while ago.  It is cool to see people.  As my first return, and 2nd term back from school my focus has really been to help people and inspire people with the OSU Real Estate Club, I believe I did a fair job, and alot of room for improvement.  8 weeks of recruiting and promoting, and then 9 weeks of more promoting and actually doing public speaking and setting of events.

I’ve really been able to sharpen my sword, I’ve been reading books on how to better present, and anyways, I was writing this post because my friend Bryan Baker is doing some good stuff on his blog, and I think you will find some helpful information and another entrepreneur, whom is going to have massive success in life.  And the simple little disicplines starting now, is already, dramatically, greatly, separting, if not separated himself from the crowd.  So lets continue to do new things, and try new things, and fall on our faces by failing a couple times to reach succeess on the high self.

Its 4am, I’m just programming away with my web 2.0 project, wow I got some cool stuff, its going to work! 500hours put in, and 500 hours to go!

Wes get back to work hah!

Although, I really try to be positive, and I am, and always positive around other people, and be inspirational.  But sometimes, and for a good reason, I just have to get down to buisness, and just tell people the facts.  Like most people won’t even read a book on how to become successful, or like the scenario I just ran with the RISE conference.  Why don’t people do theses things?

Well wes, maybe they don’t want what you do, but I would guess if we asked them, they would want to be successful, maybe they just don’t know.  Maybe I’m just sometimes to hard on people to think, why don’t they do this, it could help them out so much.  I guess just some of the mysteries that I will never know.

But check out for some good information, updated daily.  Besides, then you don’t have to listen to me rant about crazy stuff at 4am in the morning when everyone is asleep, I’m working on a buisness project.

Lol just realizing that, its funny 🙂 I work while others sleep.

  • Man Wes…we were both up at 4:00am last night. Crazy night, I’ll tell you all about it next time we talk.

    Thanks for such an encouraging post…really uplifting.

    After some inward reflection I realized the people I love to be around are those I look up to in some way. Thanks for being a role-model in many ways.

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