Is it risky to leave school to work on your business?

Alot of people have expressed their opinions to me that leaving school is pretty risky. But is it really?

I’ve dropped out of school a year ago, worked on buisness for 6 months and came back. It is really not that risky to leave school. Just to make this clarification, when I left school, I left, and did I leave quick.

I worked, worked, and worked everyday while I was out of school building my network-marketing buisness, Prepaid Legal Services, which by the way do provide a very great plan. Anybody who has payed for an attorney knows the are expensive. So here I was trying to build my buisness, after about 5 months everything sort of hit the fan.

I was lost, my buisness had crashed and I met another gentleman, his name was Richard G, and little did I know, that we would embark on another buisness project in the hopes of making a fortune of an excess of $100,000,000+, yes thats millions. Although, I’am not 100% certain, it pretty much turned out to be a scam, called a Federal Trade, and we worked 3 months trying to put together, little did I know, the transaction I was trying to put together was a scam. I diddn’t know, so I was working my butt off, we even flew to Sacramento over night to meet the buisness partner there to dicuss details, we getting funding for a Language Company, that was supposively developing a product that would let you speak over a phone to another person with a different language, and speak with 100% fluency.

Well turned out the five founders of the company, or I should say two of them, were raising capital and stealing everyone’s money.

Anyways, after about 3 months of that, I was back at my house, that crashed too obviously. I diddn’t even continue, I don’t want to get arrested for something stuipid. So, I started working on my Engine Site again, for a month, untill I school was starting.

I decided to go back, and I thought I would have to go through a long process. I called OSU, and they picked up, and said all I have to do is register my classes online, like I would normally do if I was enrolled.

As long as you leave in good standing(which I sorta diddn’t do because I dropped out and diddn’t take my finals, resulting in bad grades). You simply have to register your classes again for the next term.

So it is really not that risky, if you are interested in maybe taking a term off to focus on your buisness project, simply do not sign up for classes the next term.  Do your buisness, and if you like to return to school, just register for the classes as long as you are still in good academic standing.  So you can give it a shot, you can return, not a problem, at least a Oregon State University.

So should you, you can, it really depends on what you would like to do.  But you can, you can always go back, pretty much whenver you want, so you can take a risk.  Hey, whats missing 2 terms really going to do in the scheme of things?

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  • Your posts inspire me Wes. I agree that leaving school is not that risky…but I wouldn’t suggest everyone go out and do it either. Not that that differs from what you said…I just wanted to clarify 🙂

    And…I do that every year. It’s called SUMMER BABY!!! YEAH!

    Haha. Keep blogging.

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