Plan Set Into Action

This was a very interesting visit to my parents this week.  We are having alot of family issues, my parents are talking about moving, my home is litterally like a warzone.  It is seriously, not even safe for me to be there, and I do mean that literally.

I’ve withdrawed from 2 of my classes, I’am going to complete the last 2 I’m enrolled in, finish out the term and take leave.  After discussing with my parents, they were surprsingly recepetive to the idea of me leaving to San Fran, and we are going to make things work.  Things are moving, and I’am already starting to focus on what I’d like.

Alot of people are suggesting that I goto school, and then when the buisness starts to take off, leave school then focus on the buisness.  Although it is like, why should I goto school, and then leave after the buisness starts to take off, is it not inevtiable that I will probably leave anyways?  Why not focus on the buisness first, instead, so I do what needs to be done now, and not put school in the way for no reason at the moment.

Within 6 months from now I should be down in San Francisco, building my web 2.0 buisness.  Although I’am doing it as we speak, if you are not familiar with web 2.0, my friend Bryan Baker put an awesome web 2.0 video explanation on his blog.

  • thanks for the link wes. I can hardly believe you’re going to be gone in 6 months…sad day. But I’m excited for you bro.

  • Take care Wes and be safe..