I’m Done With School – San Fran

regatta_011sized.jpgI’ve decided I’m going to take my second leave from college, and this time for good. For the past week I have been very passionate about building my business, I want to build a business and that’s really mainly, what I want to do.

As this is a bold statement, and in the works, this is what I’m going to do, and its just a matter of time within 6 months before it is truly done but here goes.

I think this time is for good, I’ve decided I’m going to move to San Francisco. I’m going to live in an apartment, and full time build my web 2.0 company, I must succeed and I’m going to rock it.

I dropped out of school in Feb 06, basically, exactly one year from now. I came across next-work-marketing and was having success at it; I left the University received horrible grades on that term, instead of taking my finals I just didn’t take them at all.

After about 6 months after leaving, my business was crashed, and it was no longer fruitful, I was lost, very lost, I did not know what to do, so I continued to work on my other residual business which was working, and continues to work, http://www.RotaryEngineIllustrated.com.

The only reason I’m going to school is to #1) Start up a real estate investment club, which is to help other students achieve success. #2) My Chinese grandparents are paying for my tuition. #3) Was to simply meet people.

I was not enrolled in the University to get a high GPA, my goal was to build a business, and before I graduate be financially independent. Every time in class, especially lately, I can’t focus on school, entrepreneurship runs in my blood feeds my mind. That is why I left 2 terms in last year, and which is why I’m going to leave terms into this year. I’m not even a sophomore technically yet.

San FraniscoThe real estate club is going well, although I need to focus on my business now, and I’m going to use the education in a completely different way. Instead of going to class on math, biology, statistics, I’m going to enroll in personal development courses, relationships, speaking, business, seminars, books, and continue to learn, but a dramatically different education than most.

I’ve been working 3 YEARS trying to build something, and I’ve finally failed enough times to know something good when I see it. I’m going to build this web 2.0 company, and sell it, and set up personal development schools, free wealth building, free personal development seminars, and give everyone the gift, of personal development is my mission.

I’m looking down the road, at my goals, at what I want said at my funeral, it says to, “Inspirational, Loving Service leader who helped people, no matter who they were, and someone who lived to create a better world for the future.”

Let me ask you this question:

If you know what you want to do, and are pursuing it, is that not success? Some people think you have to go to school to be successful. Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. The janitor who is a janitor, and wants to be a janitor, and is doing a good job at it is a success, he is doing what he wants to do.

So figure out what you want to do, for me personally, my success does not require school in order to reach it.

So this is in a nut shell what I’m going to do.

I’m going to move to the Silicon Valley, California is the 5th largest economy in the world. Silicon Valley is where the tech startups are, where the action is, where the networks are to be formed, and the fortunes to be made, in my personal opinion. Yes you can do it in Corvallis, but wouldn’t you have more success as an actor in Hollywood, well the same is true for techs.

I’m going to move to San Francisco, in the heart of the city, have my car, cell phone, hi-speed internet, some clothes, high-speed internet, and my laptop.

Golden Gate BrdigeI’m going to create a mastermind group, a group of people who get together on a weekly basis, people who are going in the same direction, web 2.0 partners and together we help network and give each other ideas on our projects and grow.

To meet people, I’m simply going to go to business networking events, professional events, seminars, networking events, and more networking events. I’m going to associate myself with successful people. If I can’t find a group, I will make one myself; this is a separate group than my mastermind group.

I will still keep my current contacts, and contact friends through email and phone, and those who are interested in building web 2.0 environments will be working with me, and I hope everyone does well, although this is something I’ve wanted to do, and have decided, I’m going to do.

“Every great leap forward in your life comes after you have made a clear decision of some kind.” – Brian Tracy

You can not imagine, the feeling, of being able to do, whatever it is, that you want to do, that we can leave today, and start a whole new journey, a new life, a new path, we can, have be or do, anything we want to in life.

As you can see, it is a high up there goal, to pay for everything in San Francisco, I’ve thought it out, and have been thinking about moving down there for 4-5 months right now.

It looks like my current GPA for this term is a 2.0. I don’t get that good of grades, I could get a 4.0 if I wanted, but I’m not going to. Its time to take action, I’m going to be 20 in March 23rd, I’m going to make $100,000 a year by helping internet entrepreneurs improve their business, and provide a valuable service to the community.

Is it risky to move to San Fran, yeah, don’t you love it? But it is riskier for me to stay in Corvallis, at OSU studying Buisness and back core classes for 4 years, when I could be doing what I’m passionate about instead.

Here is a picture of my friends, Bryan Baker, Chris Dudley, Matt, myself (on left) and Richard Parsons, the CEO of Time Warner. We become like the combined average of the five most people we associate with the most, I’m planning on meeting many individuals like Richard Parsons, who can raise me up another level, and I will be helping others up.

CEO of Time Warner
It is time.
Just keep planting those seeds, most of my seeds have died in the sun, strangled by roots, but, I will keep planting, and I will be harvesting. Harvesting is reserved for the planters. We don’t get want we need, we get what we deserve. Start the process of deserving.
  • Not sure my friend, but I may just have to join you on this escapade of yours! Maybe not immediately, but in due time it could become a reality.


  • Wes…what a blog. I didn’t realize how much I’ve come to think of you as a personal friend until I read this blog.

    My friend is moving to San Francisco…w/o me. Not that this is about me b/c it’s not. It just hit a sad spot.

    But why be sad about such a great event! I’m so happy you’ve decided to take another step towards your goals, passions, and soon…financial freedom.

    Whether you like it or not we’re staying in touch…haha.

    You’ve taught me a lot. Some people are put in your life for a reason. There was definitley a reason for YOU meeting ME.

  • I appreciate the kind comments, we will definintely be in touch, and making it happen for all of us.

    I will be able to help more, after I’am able to get situated, focus, and build some serious momentum.

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