Ummmm, what happend!

It is 2am, on monday, I have class at 8am!

This weekend was incrediblly productive, I had turned off my cell phone and kept communication to strict min.

Today, although I was working till 5am, I slept till around noon, went to class at 3-4pm, studied for test till 6pm, got done, came home did some programming.

I turned on my cellphone, had acouple messages, some buisness friends called me cool, not a problem, sending some emails to buisness partners cool, they send back to me.

Review friends buisness card, friend in portland message me about real estate deals, work on my friends online website, um eat, friend calls wants to play tennis, ok, come back talk to 4 more buisness firends and help them out, played gears of war with tennis buddy cause he wanted to play ok….

Um, get back on and helping out Kang in malaysia who I’m helping start a business, and friends IM. Wow!

Looks like if you want to be unproductive, turn on ur cellphone, turn on emails, and turn on yourinstant message, (for me anyways because my whole buisness involves me right now, programming this web 2.0 project).

Out of control, Cool, Challenges, Incredible. Its 2am, :), Yikes!
Do you know what I mean? Ok that was a pretty bad rant, but just reflecting, getting maxxed out on entrepreneurship friends almost, I have to harbor relationships, and with to many people, I can’t do that. 🙂

If you want to get some work done, sometimes we just need to shut it all out.  Turn off all of those devices we tire ourselves to, and just work, undistracted.  Every distraction costs double the time the distraction took, it takes your focus on, and then u have to refocus figure out what you were doing.

Sometimes, its good to just shut it all out, and have no distractions for lengths of time to do the work, to move forward on your plans of achieving financial indepedence.

No news on the real estate deal, still waiting for answer back from seller who lives in UTAH, comon dude, my offer was suppose to be replied to on saturday!

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