$100,000 within 3 months

Well this weekend, I decided to block out almost all communications, and work, start that process of deserving….

I ran a scenario with everyone at the OSU Real Estate Club, here it was, and its a question for you. Could you right now, make $100,000 within 3 months, right now, I mean right now do it. Think about it for a second?

Well maybe, like most people, we wouldn’t think we could do it. (given your not already making that amount). Most would say, no way.

But let me turn it around for you, and ask you this.

What if your parents were kidnappped, your grandparents, and your basically your immediate family. Your looking at them, and there are terrorists holding them hostage, and will kill your family members, your mom, your dad, your siblings, and your grandparents, if you do not deliver the kidnapper $100,000 within 3 months of right now.

Would you do it? Could you do it?

Would you? think about it, everyone would be murdered, your family… if you diddn’t deliver. Wouldn’t you do it?

—— think for a second before reading —–


Is there really doubt in your mind, if your whole family is on the line, for you to come through for 3 months! to generate $100,000 wouldn’t you do it. Its more like, is there any question in your mind if you would do it or not? Of course you would, you would give your all, you’d do it no matter what.

You wouldn’t know how, you just know why, and you will find a way, regardless of the situtation. Because the WHY is SO LARGE, the HOW doesn’t matter. The amazing things about humans, is that if they put themselves on the line they can produce amazing results. If you had to, if you had a big enough reason, there would be nothing to stop you.

You could generate $100,000 in 3 months, if you had a big enough WHY. Agree with me on this?

So whats the problem then, well, most people don’t have a WHY, I’ve finally to educatedly guess why most individuals aren’t that productive (and you are not one of those, for you wouldn’t be reading this). but most people, don’t know what they want, and why they want it, there is no motivating WHY to move them forward.

Now this situtation is simply to SHOW YOU, that YOU HAVE ENOUGH POWER, to do WHATEVER YOU WANT, if you have a big enough reason. This is simply to show you, you can produce tremendous results, you could be financially indepedent within several years if you wanted to, and really needed to.

Of course, the main question, at what cost? But the point is you could, and probably we could do whatever we want in 1/4 of the time, if we just did it.

So this weekend, I’m doing what I’m trying to teach to others, and not just preaching but doing. Turning off my cellphone for the weekend has been great, I’ve been able to focus on my web 2.0 project which is getting ready for launch pretty soon, a partnership is going to be in formation soon with another website company, and everything is moving.

I’ve decided, I can produce tremendous results in shorts amount of time if I want, and I want it, I have my WHY written on my wall. ASK YOURSELF, WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE THE LAST WORDS SAID AT YOUR FUNERAL TO BE? I have mine written on my wall, I see it everyday. I know mine, do you? Do you have a mission statement, and a reason why you want that mission statement. You may consider making one, it could make a dramatic difference in your energy level, productivity, success, and contribution to the world!
One of mine is to be inspirational, and I’m going to be real about it though.

Comon my friends, we have all theses great buisness ideas, and they will work.  But, comon, when we just talk about anything and do it.  Seriously do it, start doing the work.  What I found out is, alot of the super successful entrepreneurs diddn’t necessarily have a great idea, they even could have had a bad idea, but had a VISION to keep working on their buisness, and they worked, worked, worked, worked, and worked, and did MASSIVE activity and just made it happen.



My friend told me to catch up, he is 19 years old, lives in Texas, he generates around $20,000/month.  I took that words to heart, he said ‘catch up’, well I’m catching up now, just doing the work.  Get it done, start! don’t talk, I don’t wana hear any more buisness ideas without actions taken place, actions SPEAK louder than WORDS. Lets show eachother with actions.

If your having trouble with STAYING FOCUSED ON YOUR BUISNESS, write theses two things down, seriously do it. Just Do it.




JUST DO IT! You can generate $100,000 in a month if you needed to, so lets JUST DO IT! Comon Everyone,