2nd Real Estate Property – NO GOOD

Well this friday I made an offer on a three unit, apartment building in N Portland.  They were asking $295,000, I made the offer of $295,000 and the seller pays $5,000 in closing cost. (Which would net the seller $290,000).  And earnest money of $2,500.

I thought my offer was strong, however, it was not strong enough, they took another offer over mine! They took another offer over mine! INCREDIBLE, now I can look for a better deal.  But instead of just denying my offer, they decided that if the other offer diddn’t go through they would use my as the second offer, and then counter my offer for $305,000 and seller pays $5,000 closing cost.  (Netting seller $300,000), they also wanted to limit my inspection period to 7 days, which is alot different than the 15 I originally asked for.  Regardless, thats like a shaft deal for me, so I said, GOODBYE, and GREAT, I’m going to find a better deal.

As always, for some reason, I logged onto aim today at 1am, (I work till 4am, and then goto school in morning too) and then because of networking 4-5 different buisness partners contacted me and we talked till 4:30am, wow, although I did not get any work on my website done.  It opened my eyes!

My friend, Steve, in N Portland is purchasing 3 HOUSES. WOW, and here I’am just trying to get a small three plex, he has 3 houses accepted offer, total networth around 600,000k, he did his figures, 5% down, and will cashflow.  That is amazing, anyways it got me inspired!  I started looking around on loopnet, and found a 9plex for sale in N Portland, for half a million (lol that sounds big,) but its $505,000, and of course (guys!! I don’t have that cash, the bank does, they loan it to me, and renters pay for the property(simplified verison)).  So, I’m going to make an offer on that one I think, it brings in $53,000 gross a year.  combined with current website that’d be $60,000 gross a year, on reach to my goal to acheiving gross $100,000 a year by January 1st, 2009.

So you may say, well wow Wes, I can’t do what you do.  Well, I’ve been working, not partying for 4 years now, trying to start buisnesses, and this is acculmated over time.  Its called the slight edge, and hopefully your on the slight edge to success.

Success is a few small disciplines repeated every single day, over, and over again.  Stuipid little things, maybe I’m a square not going out and getting wasted (no offense, I use to party, a very little), but I’ve been working dilligently on my buisnesses, buidling assets.  And I knew it would happen, and most people don’t know whats happening, all my party friends are getting further behind, and will be working for the rest of their lives, while we, the successful people who sacrifice FUN, for work NOW, will be enjoying expoentially more freedom, fun, friends, and lifestyle which others think someday they will have.

Don’t be apart of the somedays.  Someday someday someday, and someday never happens.   This is what I hope you are going after, “I WILL DO TODAY, WHAT OTHERS DO NOT, SO TOMMOROW, I WILL HAVE WHAT OTHERS DO NOT.”  You can do whatever you want, separate yourself, thats what I’ve choosen to do, and if you want financial freedom, well, most people aren’t, so don’t go where most people going.

IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE SECRET, you must see this video: http://www.thesecret.tv

You are a success, and I will see you in the winners’ circle.  Don’t accept advice from anyone more screwed up than you.