Sometimes we can network too much!

In the law of diminishing returns, it talks about sometimes the more you do something the less benefit you get.  Just like when we eat that pizza, sure tastes good at first! but after 10 pieces, NOT SO MUCH!, ya know what I mean?

So I’ve been thinking alot lately, that there have been alot of people I’ve been networking with, and people networking with me.  Sometimes, as of lately I’m trying to focus and like my friends are talking buisness with me about real estate, stock investing, entrepreneurship, flipping houses, passive income books, and woah woah woah.  Sometimes, its great, there are alot of people who have befriended me, I appreciate that, but sometimes I get overwhelmed, with so many people that nothing ever gets done on my side.

Its great to build a network but the more I think about it, a super large network of people isn’t really that great if the relationships aren’t that strong.  I’d rather have a few key people and harvest the relationship, instead of having 1000 people who I’m kinda friends with, its just not strong.  Not productive, and its diminishing returns, so sometimes, I’m getting to many networks.  And today, I’m about ready to shut off my cellphone for 2 days, and just work on this web 2.0 project which I’am getting behind on, and NO longer am I am, and have a workout partner, but people talking buisness 24/7 is great, but sometimes very very unproductive.

I noticed, and realized that, you too, reading this blog, we could have massive success in a relatively short time, if we actually just did the work, did it, focused on it, and build momentum, just like Donald Trump says.

Focus, and Momentum is required to do anything.  Something that I have challenge with, and I see a big opportunity with, I hope to launch within 5 years and really do something to change the paradigms in the world.

Anyways, untill I do it, it means nothing, actions speak louder than words, yeah its great I like to blog, and just type my mind out as I can, but lets just do it, and get it done, instead of talking about what if, and talk what we are doing…..

So lets get it done, what are we waiting for? So many distractions, less keep them to minimum.

You are successfully, and I hope you share it with other people along the way.

  • Dan

    Like the famous Nike tag line…

    Get out there and “Just do it.”

    Wish you well in the business world, my friend!


  • Hey Wes,
    Sorry we didn’t get together this weekend. I also realized I forgot I have an appointment up in Portland on Wednesday, but I do want to get Bryan-Baker Dot Com up soon.

    p.s. you going to update this blog more often? haha. keep up the good work Wes.

    Bryan Baker