My Primary Objective

“What we focus on grows.”

I have been unable to focus on my web 2.0 project, and sometimes lately its been almost, a, what shall I say, disapointing idea that I have not been working on it.  Although I have been focusing on other areas.  Sometimes, I just need to write stuff down.  By writing down ideas, plans, thoughts, or whatever, when you write something down you clear your mind of that thought, and open up room for new ideas.  If you do not write down your ideas, your mind is to busy focusing on remembering what you have said, so its good to write everything down to make room for more.”

So my focus this week is:

  1. Real Estate Investment Property (Searching, Offering, and Closing)
  2. The Real Estate Investment Club at OSU
  3. School
  4. Agloco
  5. My current website buisness (REI and

What is your focus? Don’t know what your focusing on, what we focus on grows.  Laser Focus, something I’m working on, whats your focus, lets do this together.